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Teejay Marquez stars in new BL Series, supports LGBTQ+ representation

Teejay Marquez stars in a new boys love series with Jerome Ponce under Regal Entertainment Inc.

Teejay Marquez stars in a new BL Series, #BenXJim. He is set to portray the character of Ben.

In an exclusive interview, Marquez has confirmed that this BL series is a story about a friendship that develops into love.

When asked why did he accept the role of Ben, he said that it is an honor to work with Regal Entertainment and director Easy Ferrer. He also said that he has always wanted to challenge himself, improve his craft, and grow as an individual.

Actually, the story is very nice and to work with Regal and Direk Easy Ferrer is such an honor. As an actor, I always want to challenge myself for me to improve in this craft and to grow as an individual,” said Marquez.

In preparation for the role, Marquez confirmed that he did some research on the BL genre. He also binge-watched a lot of Thai BL series and attended SOGIE (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression) orientations to fully understand his role.

To be honest I’m not really familiar with BL Series so I did some research about it. I binge-watched a lot of Thai BL series so I can get inspirations and style from the actors, also we attended a SOGIE orientation so we can fully understand what role are we going to portray,” said Marquez.

When asked his opinion about the recent trend of the BL series in the Philippines, he thinks that it is about time for the LGBTQ+ Community to have a platform to represent their stories.

I think, It’s about time for the LGBTQ+ community to have a platform to represent their untold stories and it shows that this generation is more open and accepting about it compared before. It’s much better now,” said Marquez.

Marquez highlights that Ben is relatable when it comes to struggles in terms of family, dreams, and love.

I think my character Ben is very relatable in so many ways from his struggle in proving himself to his family in reaching his dreams in his ways and finding his love. The story will show the audience how strong and loving as a person Ben is,” Marquez added.

Though he finds the character to be challenging, Marquez sees this as a way to bring out his full potential as an actor and assures the audience that he will give his best to this role.

My character in this project is really challenging, this will bring out my full potential as an actor expect that I will do my best to give justice to the role. I think, after doing this I’ll be more ready to accept more challenging roles in the future,” said Marquez.

The new BL series #BenXJim starts in September under Regal Entertainment Inc. Marquez is co-stars with Jerome Ponce who is currently part of the series A Soldier’s Heart. 

Jerome Ponce and Teejay Marquez Star in Regal Films’ First BL Series.And the craze for boys’ love contents continues…

Posted by Boys Love on Thursday, August 20, 2020

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