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Celebrities and netizens blast Isabela and Cagayan Congressmen who killed the ABS-CBN franchise

Cagayan Valley and part of Isabel has been almost totally submerged in waters with limited access to media and rescuers. Aside from the typhoon, the flooding was due to Magat Dam’s controlled spilling of excess water brought about also by the rains.

A number of celebrities and netizens slammed anew the congressmen especially those coming from Cayagan and Isabela for killing the ABS-CBN franchise following the lack of in-depth media coverage in the region.

Over on Twitter, several celebrities didn’t mince words in blasting the Cagayan and Isabela representatives who voted to reject the Kapamilya network’s franchise application which resulted in the shutdown of its regional network group operations.

In his tweet, award-winning writer and spoken word poetry artist Juan Miguel Severo said he feels like roasting the 6 Cagayan and Isabela congressmen who did not think thoroughly in voting against the ABS-CBN franchise.


Award-winning film director Tonette Jadaone was also fuming in anger att the selfish and heatless congressmen who rejected ABS-CBN’s franchise that resulted from the information gap in the region during the onslaught of Typhoon Ulysses.


ABS-CBN reporter Kevin Manalo also highlighted the importance of the regional network group covering local news. Unfortunately, 70 congressmen, including the 6 from Isabela and Cagayan districts, decided to reject ABS-CBN’s franchise application.

“I see only one reporter sending his updates to ABS. In previous years a whole fleet of journalists is deployed there, regional teams are spread to check the situations in the most remote areas. Information is crucial and now we feel the absence of media more than ever”

“And now we find out that some of these Isabela and Cagayan representatives voted against the franchise of ABS.”

One netizen even shared how ABS-CBN regional used to cover typhoons then when they were still operational.

In his tweet @gavreel_ shared a video clip of TV Patrol Cagayan Valley showing how crucial timely and on-ground information is during times of calamities. The netizen also added, “Sana masarap tulog nyo” to those who voted against ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

This is how TV Patrol Cagayan Valley used to cover typhoons. Now that #CagayanNeedsHelp, may I remind those who shut down ABS-CBN that you are to be blamed for you have deprived Cagaynons the crucial information they needed in trying times like these. Sana masarap túlog niyo!”

Cagayan Valley and part of Isabel has been almost totally submerged in waters with limited access to media and rescuers. Aside from the typhoon, the flooding was due to Magat Dam’s controlled spilling of excess water brought about also by the rains.

While letting out of the water from the dam especially if it is already in danger of spilling out or overflowing is a normal process, people weren’t informed about it with the limited coverage on the ground.

Thus many people relied on social media for help and assistance.

Meanwhile, Kapamilya star Nikki Valdez also shared her reaction on Twitter and asked for accountability from the congressmen who rejected the ABS-CBN franchise.

“To the 70 congressmen who killed ABSCBN’s franchise, how does it feel to see people die? This is why we need news and updates!! Kailangan buhay ang kapalit para sa kasakiman niyo?”

Kapamilya host-comedian and talent manager Ogie Diaz on the other hand asked for the whereabouts of these congressmen especially now that Isabel and Cagayan are in their worst state.

“Asan na kayo? Cagayan and Isabela miss you so much, guys!”

Here are other celebrities and netizens who shared their anger against the congressmen especially those from Isabela and Cagayan who voted against ABS-CBN’s franchise.

Sobrang nakakagalit. Ang ABS-CBN na pinatay nila ay buhay-na-buhay sa pagseserbisyo sa bayan. Samantala yung 70 congressman ay tahimik at walang ginagawa. Eto yung mga nangunguna sa pagpapasara ng ABS-CBN!” @kowalerts

“ABS-CBN Shutdown = Less media coverage on far-flung areas Calamity Fund Reduction = Decreased calamity response Defunding of Project NOAH = Impeded Disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation If you think these are far from politics, think the fuck again. EVERYTHING IS POLITICS.” @zerlegt

#CagayanNeedsHelp. But: – Quarantine restrictions have not been relaxed to allow outside media entry – No local ABS-CBN crew because guess f-ing why – The other network’s efforts are piss poor, they expect to steal content from Twitter and beg real photojournalists for shots,” @anthony_siy

Our source said that it could have been better if the regional TV was tapped to alarm the residents. Only ABS-CBN Cagayan Valley is the regional TV operational before. It was shutdown earlier this year. #CagayanNeedsHelp” @assortedge

“Paki tag po lahat ng kongresista na pumatay sa ABS-CBN! Sabi po nila na hindi daw kawalan ang Regional networks namin! Ayan po give us answers sa mga lumulutang na bangkay ngayon! Yung RNG po sana namin ang nagpapatrol ngayon.” @JTintiangko

“Ang dami namatay na bata dahil sa pag-shutdown ng Cagayan Valley TV Patrol. Lives could’ve been saved if ABS-CBN Regional Networks were still operating to help disseminate life-saving infos. Instead, we had to rely on VP Leni for updates the whole night. TANGINANG MGA TRAPO!” @MrFrankBaraan

ABS-CBN Cagayan Valley is the region’s biggest local news source. Imagine if they didn’t shut it down. Edi sana ang lawak ng media coverage. This is on you 70 heartless congressmen. #CagayanNeedsHelp #IsabelaNeedsHelp” @krizzy_kalerqui



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