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RAWR Nation: New rising artist Melizza recalls her journey into music

Melizza currently has two songs out, Always and Killer Boy. Killer Boy is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and all digital streaming platforms.

Warner Music Philippines’ New Rising Artist Melizza recalled her journey into music.

In an interview, she revealed that she started with music at a young age. 

“I started with my music since I was a child. Kasi, I would write poems. That’s how I knew how to write mga songs po.”

Melizza also revealed that her parents and grandparents had a hand in her interest in music. 

“Sobrang na-expose po ako sa music ng grandparents ko, ng parents ko. From Moon River to Tears for Fears to the Pop Culture when I was a child. Syempre po nag-eevolve s’ya. Pero, at the same time, it stuck with me, and definitely na-influence ako sa mga narinig ko as a child.”

Melizza then recalled going through a traumatic childhood memory of auditioning for her school’s glee club.

“Actually, both are traumatizing. But, I feel like sa music, na-traumatize ako more to make me stop. Parang hindi ko na ginawa for a long time. 

“I remember I was in sixth grade when I was auditioning for the glee club. They were laughing at me. That had a traumatizing thing for me as a child. So medyo ni-lock ko ‘yung musician side ko in the back of my head. But then, I started becoming more confident. I worked hard.”

She then focused on her acting career by the age of 15, stepping off her musical path.

“Then, I grew up in Pampanga, and I moved here when I was 12 years old. And by the time I was 15, dun ko po nakuha yung first role ko sa Barcelona: A Love Untold doon po ako kapatid ni ate Kathryn.”

However, thanks to a live performance, she rekindled her confidence in music. 

“My biggest live performance to anyone was when December Avenue called me up on stage doon sa school concert ko. When I was in Senior Highschool, three to four years ago. And then we sang it on stage, yung Kung Di. And that was a wonderful experience. Kasi, I guess it made me had a little achievement in my pocket na I always look back on na kaya ko naman kahit kaunti. That gave me confidence.”

Aside from this, her parent’s and sister’s support gave her the push she needed to pursue both acting and music.

“‘Yung family ko po sobrang supportive nila sa dreams ko po, sa music ko, sa pag-aartista ko po. I feel like sila po kasi, kung saan ako masaya doon po nila ako sinu-support. Of course, sometimes may rules po, they have to control that. 

“She just saw how passionate I was. That I could make a song and I could write a song. And then ayun kinonnect n’ya po with the one who produced, the one who made the music for Always, Si Marcus Davis Jr. 

“She also introduced me to December Avenue. She was just a big factor to where I am now in terms of my music career kasi, hindi ‘yun mangyayari lahat without her believing in me.”

Aside from her family Melizza also shared her current inspirations in writing songs. 

“I have four artists in my head. They’re amazing artists and composers. Global singers, si Billie Eilish definitely, Si Kayle Rough, Clairo, Ariana Grande, at si Halsey. They inspired me, and they made me dream more as a woman, writing a song.”

Now she has her own process when writing songs.

“Yung process ko po, gagawa po ako ng story. Like if I have a story, kunwari experience. 

“And then, the next thing I would do is think of title, a catchy title that I can incorporate din when I write my chorus. So I write sa chorus nun and then the verse. Kasi kapag may story ka na mas madaling magsulat ng mismong flow ng song.”

And, since she’s with Warner Music Philippines, she wants to work with one of their rising Pop artists, Paul Pablo. 

“I’ve recently discovered this amazing talented person. Sobrang love ko yung music n’ya actually. Paul Pablo. He’s part of the Warner Music group, and that’s why I found out about him. Paul is such a talented writer.”

And as for her music, Melizza said she wants to provide an escape for her listeners.

“Gusto ko lang yung music ko ma-transport sila sa isang life that they want to have. Parang movie in their own head and they could escape and yung mga problema nila mawala in those three minutes that they listen to me.”

Melizza currently has two songs out, Always and Killer Boy. Both are available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and all digital streaming platforms.

Aside from her musical career, she also goes by the name Melizza Jimenez as an actress. She appeared in Kapamilya productions such, Barcelona: A Love Untold, The Killer Bride, and most recently, He’s Into Her.

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