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10 Signs You’re a Certified OTWOLista

ABS-CBN Primetime drama “On The Wings of Love” (OTWOL) is definitely one of the most followed local romantic -drama TV series in Philippine television today. First aired last August 10, 2015 worldwide, OTWOL has a massive following from across various age groups of both local and OFW audience.

Fans of “On the Wings of Love” are collectively known as OTWOLista have developed deep attachment to the main characters Leah played by Nadine Lustre and Clarke portrayed by James Reid.

A certified OTWOLista unknowingly or knowingly has integrated the two lovers into their life and would not miss any episode of “On the Wings of Love.”

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Leah and Clarke OTWOL
What are the telltale signs that you are hooked on OTWOL?

1. You often use the hashtag #OTWOL in your social media accounts like hash tagging each ‘kilig’ moment from On the Wings of Love.

OTWOL Destination Love

2. You already joined forums that talk about On the Wings of Love, sharing feelings about the latest romantic scene or the first JaDine kiss on OTWOL.

3. The theme song “On the Wings of Love” keeps on playing inside your head. You hear it every time like a recurring tune that would not leave you. You also find yourself singing the OTWOL song.

4. It has become an addiction. You just can’t get enough of OTWOL that you will still watch replays online of your favorite episodes over and over again.


5. You are very anxious about learning that “On the Wings of Love” will be extended until next year. So excited, that you already have some scenarios playing in your head due to too much anticipation.

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6. You are already an active member of JaDine and OTWOL fan groups.

OTWOL hashtag official

7. You already secured a copy of On the Wings of Love DVD featuring the first six weeks of the series. And you consider this as a treasure.

8. You find yourself smiling after watching an episode of On the Wings of Love every night. OTWOL is something you consider as your nightly ritual before bedtime.

9. You are so ‘kinikilig’ (smitten with butterflies in your stomach) too often just thinking about Leah and Clarke.

otwol hugot

10. You are obsess to get home before 9:15 PM and even cancelled appointments and events just to be on time in front of your TV screen. This is very true among serious OTWOLista that being at their homes before On the Wings of Love is now a major priority for them.


Written by Mc Richard Paglicawan

LionhearTV has always believed in what the everyday reader can contribute, and has always been open to receiving input, help, or leads on stories.

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