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REVIEW: ABS-CBN, GMA Network battle [again] over ‘Love’ as a theme in their Christmas Station IDs

It’s the Season of Christmas Station IDs.

Two of the country’s leading TV Networks—Kapamilya (ABS-CBN) and Kapuso (GMA Network) have already aired their respective yearly Christmas sounder or stinger.

Kapamilya’s ‘Just Love Ngayong Pasko’ is shorter, sweeter and sounder as opposed to Kapuso’s ‘Buong Pusong MaGMAhalan’ that is clearly copied, staged and failed in its execution.

Writing this down is a difficult since I do PR work, and I sometimes had to resort to deflecting or sugar-coating) in order to be kinder and not brutal with my feedback. But let me try it as much as I can.

Who copied Who?

There is no denying that this year’s Kapuso Christmas Station ID is one that most people have seen from previous Kapamilya Christmas Station IDs. And of course, I am sure that GMA Network supporters would not agree to what I just wrote.

The approach of Kapuso’s Yuletide stinger is something very familiar to many Kapamilya followers. From its magical and animated version last year—now it opted to utilize its talents to provide real-faces to go out of the streets (across the nation) just to spread love. And that has already been done over and over by the Kapamilya sounder.

Fine, this must be a radical move for the Network to have that kind of ‘feel’ that the Kapamilyas have gained more thumbs-up in the past. But, please don’t make it a drag and put some drama in each frame. Minimize the talking heads which made it less interesting and boring (it sounded too preachy) to continue for a nine minute and 30 second video.

I would love to borrow Cherie Gil’s character—Lavinia in ‘Bituing Walang Ningning’ that the whole thing was a second-rate, trying-hard and a copycat.

Consistent versus Dishonest?

ABS-CBN may have mastered how they paint varying, colorful, moving vignettes. And they never failed in that part. Even if it was shoot for the sake of the season of loving, giving and merry-making—it still doesn’t feel like it’s forced.

Every shot or image that was captured; each was carefully chosen to tell a better story that talks about love. Stories were seamlessly connected. If I may say—it was well-thought of and even if it ran for 10-second shorter than the Kapuso’s stinger—it was still a feast to the eyes because the lyrics of the song, the faces in each frame and vibrant color were just the right mix to hold an audience to hold on and finish the entire video.

And let me add, the innocent voices of kids singing the jingle were just perfect to complete a real scenario about Christmas.

It has been consistent with its style and approach. It never wavered. It is still the same.

Paying it Forward with Love.

This is where I have to draw the line or offer a truce between the two Network’s Battle of Christmas Station IDs.


Both stations have capitalized on love as a theme which has been overused or has been commercially abused. Yet, there is no other powerful force on earth that can conquer all things, but love. After all love is the basic law of human existence.

And at the end of the day, whoever did a better Christmas Station ID–doesn’t matter anymore.

I salute both stations for putting in efforts just to provide a more meaningful Christmas celebration for the Filipinos. As long as the intentions are pure even if others may see it differently; just continue with the good work without expecting something in return.

It is actually the real message behind the season.

And whether one is a Kapamilya or Kapuso—let LOVE be the essence of all humans and let us pay it forward to those who need it the most; and it maybe a cliché but still we have to choose to LOVE. (JC)

Watch ABS-CBN’s Christmas Station ID 2017 here: “Just Love Ngayong Christmas”

Watch GMA Network’s Christmas Station ID 2017 here: “Buong Pusong MaGMAhalan”


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