10 Reasons Why Were Hooked to ABS-CBN’s “The Good Son”

  • The Kapamilya mystery drama “The Good Son” is currently making waves on Philippine Primetime.
  • The series is consistently getting high ratings and is always a trending topic online.

Everyone is already hooked with ABS-CBN’s latest Primetime teleserye The Good Son. The hit series, which was supposed to be part of Kapamilya Gold afternoon block, is now making everyone crazy during its Primetime slot. It’s consistently getting high ratings and is always a trending topic online.

Here are 10 reasons why everyone is getting hooked on this Kapamilya teleserye.

10. The series features a powerhouse cast.

The series is full of award-winning and veteran actors and actresses, from Mylene Dizon (Best Actress, 2009 Gawad Urian); Eula Valdez (Best Actress, 2015 Gawad Urian); Ronnie Lazaro (Best Actor, 2009 Gawad Urian); John Estrada (Best Drama Actor, 17th PMPC Star Awards for TV); Liza Lorena (Best Actress, 1986 Metro Manila Film Festival), Alex Medina (Best Actor, 2012 Cinema One Originals Film Festival) and 90’s Pinoy Action star Jeric Raval.

9. This is Eula Valdez’ first project in ABS-CBN after staying on rival station GMA network for the past three years.

She was last seen on ABS-CBN in the 2014 fantaserye Dyesebel where she played the antagonist Reyna Dyangga. She also had a special participation in the drama series Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon the same year before moving to Channel 7.

8. The series is headlined by ABS-CBN’s most promising teen actors and actresses.

The Good Son features the country’s popular teen stars like Joshua Garcia, Jerome Ponce, Nash Aguas, McCoy de Leon together with Loisa Andalio, Elisse Joson and Alexa Ilacad.

7. The LoiShua and GeLoi reunion.

The series marks the reunion of Joshua Garcia and Loisa Andalio, who are both together in the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: All In (2014). This also reunites her with Jerome Ponce after the two worked together in the afternoon drama Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita (2015).

6. The NLex reunion.

This is the second major project together of Nash Aguas and Alexa Ilacad, also known to their fans as NLex after Bagito in 2014.

5. McLisse’ first major roles.

McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson, popularly known as McLisse, have been part of several dramas before as extended or supporting cast. The Good Son is their first teleserye together where they play bigger roles than before.

4. Joshua Garcia’s first Primetime series.

Joshua Garcia is one of the country’s most promising actors of this generation. He has been receiving unanimous acclaim for his acting performances not only on television but also in his past two films, Vince, Kath and James (2016) and Love You To The Stars And Back (2017). So it is no surprise that he is finally starring in his first Primetime series on ABS-CBN.

3. The Good Son is not your typical family drama.

Unlike the regular romantic melodramas or the Hollywood copycat shows that we see on Primetime, ABS-CBN’s The Good Son stands out with it’s unique but captivating story. Combining drama with the genre mystery, it revolves around the murder investigation of Victor Buenavidez (played by Albert Martinez) and how the investigation affects everyone related to him.

2. The Unexpected Twists and Turns.

As the investigation surrounding Victor Buenavidez’s murder continues, more and more family secrets are being revealed. These dark and dirty secrets start to change the course of the investigation. Some of them are so shocking that you never saw them coming.
Who would have thought that Calvin is schizophrenic and that his closest friend, Justine (Alexa Ilacad) whom we’ve been seeing with him for months now was just a fragment of his fractured mind? This revelation was so shocked everyone, making the show the most trending topic online the night of that episode.

1. The Engrossing Mystery.

As the story goes deeper, everyone is getting more and more enthralled by the series’ central mystery. Victims become suspects and allies become enemies. Everyone is a suspect. And until now, the big question remains: who really killed Victor Buenavidez? What is his/ her motive? And will they catch the real killer before it’s too late?

Catch The Good Son weeknights on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.



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