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Cebuano talents call out Director Carlo J. Caparas for treatment on set

  • Cebuano talents recently called out Director Carlo J. Caparas on wrongful treatment on-set.
  • One talent had an injury which didn’t receive any medical assistance or financial help.
  • Although it was an honor to be a part of the production, they experienced too many trials which deteriorated the high expectations they had for the said director.

Marlon Douglas C. Hofer, recently took to his own Facebook account to call out Director Carlo Caparas with an open letter. He wrote a dialogue about the wrongful treatment of talents. He continued to share their experiences on the disorganized movie set.

In the said open letter, Marlon wrote how Cebuanos respect Direk Carlo’s contribution to the Philippine Cinema and the director remains one of the examples to look up to. He also added that it was an honor to be a part of the production.

However, Marlon felt it was unfortunate that talents had to go through such trials just to be included in the production. He also continued that said trials had deteriorated the high expectations they had for the said director.

“Dear Direk Carlo Caparas;

A peaceful dialoque would have been ideal to address Production related glitches and miscommunication but it seems your hardworking staff don’t have enough time to answer my phone calls as they always claim they are busy and undermanned. We welcomed you to Cebu when we learned you’re doing a film and provide work opportunity especially for creative people in our resurging Cebuano movie industry. Direk, we respect your contribution to Philippine Cinema and we are proud that your other half hails from Cebu too. Your humble beginning and rise to greatness is exemplary and inspiring and with your iconic stature it is indeed an honor to be part of your production in whatever way we can. It is therefore unfortunate that as talents we go through very difficult and challenging trials that somehow eradicate our high expectations from a highly respected Director and Producer like you.”

Marlon shared that “extras” like him had invested their time, talent and energy to go through a process of selection. He also sustained that the production had promised them “special roles.” However, the moment they got to the set, nobody handled their department properly. Marlon also shared that the production had required them to be on the set at three in the morning. Although, they were promised “special roles” many talents didn’t know what they will be doing. These talents get replaced without any notice.

Direk Carlo, I am taking the cudgels for all the “extra” like me who invested our time, talent and treasure to Audition and go thru the process of selection for us to be part of your film. Most of us, if not All, were accepted and promised “special roles”. But to our dismay your Talent Coordinator or whoever is in charge with handling this department bungled in his/her function and turned our dream into a nightmare. We were asked to report on the set as early as 3:AM or 6:AM but no caretaker is incharge of facilitating our need to be informed and updated. The channel of communication is terribly chaotic. Most talents don’t even know thier role and if they do, they were instantly replaced without just or prior notice.”

Marlon enumerated many problems on-set. Food and water supply wasn’t enough for everyone and they weren’t given any space for a decent holding area. The production also didn’t provide transportation service. He also shared that the talent coordinator had sent home talents as they were wrongly texted to report on set. Unfortunately, after all the inconvenience, they were only given Php 500 for all the days of hard work.

“On the set, there was not enough food and water supply for everyone, no decent holding area for extras to painstaking wait and not enough transpo service to bring us to far locations and back. We were patient in waiting for our turns and worked overtime (3:AM call time to 5:AM packup the following day) unfortunately many were sent home because as the Talent Coordinator advised, we were wrongly or mistakenly texted to report on the set.. what makes it worse, a measly 500 was all we got paid for all the days hardwork.”

Marlon also revealed that the production had advised them to use their own transportation or to commute. This led to a motorcycle accident of one of the talents, James Ezekiel. James never received any medical assistance or any form of financial help. He also never received help to cover his medical bills or the damaged motorcycle.

“We were advised to do carpool to accomodate other talents, and the long distance travel (Cebu to Carcar) 500 gas allowance was given. On the set, tents and aircon was provided but it functioned late and was operational just before lunch.. Talents with continuity were instantly advised to come using thier own transpo or to commute and one talent on his way to the shooting location met a motorcycle accident. He was not offered any medical assistance or any form of financial help to help defray cost of his medical bills and damaged motorcycle. I myself reported on the set in Carcar and voluntarily facilitated all the talents need especially thier transpo, food, water, tent, etc. I do not expect to be compensated with my little effort but I request that I be paid immediately my talent fee as actor assigned to do the priest role.”

Marlon revealed that many talents just like him can share their own stories about their own experience with Direk Carlo’s production team. He also added that they would like a public apology from people responsible or in charge. No one seemed to justify their own faults and misgivings.

“The talents are ready to share thier not so happy story about our experience with your production team Direk Carlo. We request for a public apology from the responsible people in charge, because no one seems to take responsibilty and they keep justifying thier faults and misgivings; “Mga tao lang kami ni Direk Peach and Carlo Caparas at sya ang may hawak ng desisyon, sya ang dapat nyo kausapin” to qoute Ms.A.”

Marlon clarified that he only wanted the said production people to formulate order and fair practice that everyone can benefit from. He also added that cooperation is needed from everyone, ending his open letter.

“Let me reiterate that our goal here is not to divide but to unite talents and Production people so that we can formulate order and fair practise beneficial to all parties so that our Cebuano industry can thrive and progress. We need the cooperation of everyone. Wala ta mangdaut og isig katawo to advance our personal agenda but we want to point out unfair practices so that dili pod mahulog nga kaluoy labi na ang mga gagmay nga film workers sama sa mga talents og extra..

Marlon Douglas C. Hofer 

Marlon and another friend, Badidi Delda Labra, also attached photos of James’ injuries during the said accident. In the comments section, Badidi explained their side further. She pointed out that the talent coordinator asked James whether he was okay or not. She also noted that James wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience to people. Although James was given Php 3, 000, the amount of money wouldn’t compensate for his life.

“I ask Romer James Ezekiel if nung time na ininform niya ang talenr coordinator about his accident kung meron bang any offer of help? And knowing James, Alam ko ayaw niya ng hassle and makaistorbo ng taon kilalangkilala ko siya. He doesnt want to play “pa-important”. The TC ask him if he is ok. Ofcourse, sa pagkatao ni james, i know sasabihin niyang ok siya kahit hindi…pero sana mang lang….sana man lang. Sana! Be sensitive enough to acknowledge what happened to him, on the firsr day of shoot ni James he was given 3k. Hindi yun mapapalitan ng buhay.”

Badidi also shared that the talent coordinator knows why James used a motorcycle to go to the set. James had another shoot. However, he asked the other film outfit to release him as he had an early call time for Direk Carlo’s movie. The other film outfit let James go as they understood his predicament. Badidi also pointed out that that is how Cebuanos work, they treat their talents well. Unfortunately, the production responsible for Direk Carlo’s film doesn’t treat the talents who have no connections well enough.

“And the TC knows why nagmotor si James papuntang location. Meron siyang ibang shoot, he has to ask the producers and the director of the other film if pwede early siya kasi may calltime siya sa Caparas movie(I believe 5pm kasi gabi ang scenes niya.not sure ) at sa pagiging supportive ng staff ng othee film they let romer go kahit importante rin role niya sa isa pang film. Thats how the cebuanod work and support talents. Hindi iniiwan sa ere. Other talents of the caparas film were treated well maybe because of connections but yung mga wala…kawawang kawawa.”

Badidi also attached another photo of James’ injury. She continued that his right knee has a huge wound and bump compared to the other.

“This is the other injury James Ezekiel got. As you guys can see. Mas hubag ang isa.”

Badidi also revealed that James didn’t want to be late for Direk Carlo’s movie. She mentioned how passionate an “extra” is in their craft.

“James also told me na the reason why he went to the supposed location using a motorcycle ay para hindi malate. Dahil, if you are from cebu you know how horrible the traffic if you are south bound. That’s how passionate ang isang “Extra” lang sa craft niya.”



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