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PINOY PRIDE: Junji Delfino becomes the third Filipino in “Crazy Rich Asians” movie

  • Junji Delfino joined the all-Asian cast of Crazy Rich Asians.
  • She portrayed a maid in the movie and had a quick screen time.

Aside from Kris Aquino and Nikko Santos, there’s another Filipino in Crazy Rich Asians. Junji Delfino played the role of Astrid’s (Gemma Chan) maid.

Although she portrayed a maid in the movie, Delfino is actually quite famous in Malaysia as the First Lady of Jazz.

Crazy Rich Asians.

Junji posted a photo on her Instagram account, sharing how quick her screen time was.

“My brother, his wife and another cousin went to a cinema in Canada to catch #crazyrichasians. The film ended and not one of them was able to spot me! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 @carjos01 you guys must’ve been blinking hellava lot!!!! I warned you not to blink! If it helps jog your memory… i looked like this. The scene was in Astrid’s condo, just after she came home from shopping! A tip courtesy of another cousin @louannadelfino, it comes on somewhere between 15-20 minutes into the film. 😬 “

Screenshot from Junji Delfino (Instagram)

Malaysia’s First Lady of Jazz

In a Facebook status of Glenford Kalaw, he mentioned Junji actually has a reputation in Malaysia as an influential Jazz singer.

“Guess what? There is actually a 3rd Pinoy in the movie, Crazy Rich Asians and her name is Junji Delfino and she played the role of “Astrid’s Maid”. In the end credits, her name appears before Princess Intan portrayed by Kris Aquino. The moment she spoke, her accent was undeniably Filipino (was it intentional to cast a Filipino for the role?)”

“She played a maid in the movie but she is actually famous in Malaysia where she now resides. She is dubbed as Malaysia’s Queen of Jazz! Check out her Facebook account if you want to know more.”

Acting career

Even before Crazy Rich Asians, Junji has already acted several times. She portrayed Dora Pereira in the 2009 Malaysian drama-revenge series Red Thread. She also had an opportunity to star in the 2018 movie Season of the Devil (Ang Panahon ng mga Halimaw).


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