Juan Karlos Labajo breaks his silence and ends his issue with Darren Espanto

  • JK Lavajo speaks up about the issue between him and Darren Espanto.
  • Labajo is honored to performed at the Kapamilya Trade Event.

The Voice Kids Philippines alumnus Juan Karlos Labajo performed at this year’s ABS-CBN trade event themed as #FamilyIsLove together with his band. The young singer shared that he is honored to be one of the performers. He’s a bit overwhelmed because the trade show is another level.

He is used to performing in bars and other gigs.

“I feel honored. Maraming salamat especially kina Direk Lauren (Dyogi) and Ma’am Cory Vidanes for inviting me even though I don’t really fit in.

“You know, I’m more of like this gig-bar sort of vibe. And then I’m here at this sort of corporate event. So it’s like out of the way.”

When asked about the issue between him and fellow The Voice Kids Philippines alumnus Darren Espanto, Labajo spoke and put an end to it once and for all.


“The thing kasi with all these interviews, ilalabas ‘yung article, ‘yung mga tao and everything, mababasa nila, lalaki pa ‘yung issue. Well, even though in the first place hindi ako ang nagpalaki ng issue. I did not want an issue in the first place. Kasi I privately messaged him. If ginusto ko ‘yung issue na lumaki, dapat ako pa nag-post nung una, ‘di ba.”

He also revealed that he doesn’t feel bad at all because he knew that he is telling the truth. He also said that he won’t be apologizing despite being accused of tweeting such words.

“I don’t feel bad kasi I didn’t do anything. Kasi hindi naman ganun kakapal ang mukha ko para magsinungaling to the extent pati sa harap ng mga boss. You know what I mean.


“I will apologize if I did something.

“Well, iba-iba kasi ang paniniwala ng mga tao. Hindi ko na mababago ‘yun. So let it be. Ako, okay na ako sa issue. Tapos na ako. Even way back then, I chose a different path, you know.”

He also shared that he already accepted whatever is going on in his life (right now) and being part of showbiz.

“We’re fine. Everything’s quiet. For sure, this article will make everything loud again for quite sometime. And then it will go down again. ‘Yan ang nangyayari sa lahat ng issue. Lumalaki tapos nakakalimutan. So it’s part of showbiz. It’s part of the industry. Pinasukan ko ‘to eh. So it’s part of it.”




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