Controversial “Magpakailanman” episode rates higher than re-aired “MMK”

  • Magpakailanman had higher ratings than Maalaala Mo Kaya.
  • The Kapuso drama anthology featured a story about a 15-year-old boy falling in love with his stepmother.
  • This was a controversial episode which featured the young Bruce Roelandon in bed with a topless Katrina Halili.

Magpakailanman features the story of Bong, a 15-year-old boy who falls in love with his father’s new partner, Mikaela. The story aired on Saturday, January 5.

This stars Allan Paule, Katrina Halili, Dion Ignacio and Bruce Roeland.

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Katrina plays a seductive stepmother in Magpakailanman.

Magpakailanman‘s earlier episodes feature Bruce in a mature role as he falls in love with Katrina. This was a controversial episode which featured the young Bong in bed with a topless Mikaela.

Netizens react.

Many netizens compared the theme of the Magpakailanman episode with Family Strokes, a taboo family porn website.

“watching magpakailanman right now and i am… disgusted…”

“GMA aired an episode in Magpakailanman where a stepson loved his stepmom. GMA really taking hints from Pornhub and Family Strokes.”

“Funny how @roelandbruce’s followers grew in number after seeing him last night on Magpakailanman. Aside from his looks and charm, he can act, too. @ArtistCenter, this talent is for keeps.”

“@roelandbruce @katrina_halili LOVE THE EPISODE OF @Magpakailanman7”

“Tonight’s episode of Magpakailanman is a brave eye opener that this story does really exist.”

“Magpakailanman, WTF?! We don’t need to watch a 15 year old didly do-ing with a fuckin pedophile what the heck

This is why I hate tv”

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“lol this episode of magpakailanman is real life family strokes”

Magpakailanman rates higher than Maalaala Mo Kaya.

According to NUTAM, Magpakailanman had a higher viewership than Maalaala Mo Kaya with 13.0% while the latter had 7.7%.

Meanwhile, Magpakailanman also scored higher thank MMK with 23.1% versus 16.9% on Kantar Media.



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