ABS-CBN wins NUTAM People Ratings in major time slots

  • ABS-CBN has won NUTAM in almost all slots
  • ‘The General’s Daughter’ dominated NUTAM with 15.4% which is a point higher than ‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’
  • NUTAM TV rating shows that television viewers are more interested with ABS-CBN shows

On April 5, ABS-CBN shows have won the Nationwide Urban TV Audience Measurement (NUTAM) TV ratings in all slots against rival shows of GMA-7.

‘Nang Ngumiti Ang langit’ starring Sophia Reola continued to soar higher, gaining 7.7% which is higher than its rival show ‘Hiram na Anak,’ with 4.9%.

‘It’s Showtime’ got a 9.5% rating while its rival shows ‘Eat Bulaga’ got 5.3% and ‘Dragon Lady’ got 5.2%.

‘Kadenang Ginto’ continued to dominate with 10.6%, while its new rival show ‘Bihag’ settled with 5.3%.

‘Los Bartardos’ garnered a higher rating of 8.5%, beating its new rival program, ‘Inagaw na Bituin’ that gathered only 5.4%.

‘FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano’ secured its spot with 15.3% while ‘Kara Mia’ got a 10.7% rating.

‘The General’s Daughter’ starring Angel Locsin dominated NUTAM with a rating of 15.4% while ‘Sahaya’ got 11.1% only.

‘Halik’ with its intense episodes garnered 9.8%, which is higher than ‘TODA One I Love’ that garnered 9.1%.

This NUTAM TV rating shows that television viewers are more interested with ABS-CBN programs. Kudos to the actors and actresses for a job well done!

April 5 – NUTAM People Ratings

Nang Ngumiti ang Langit 7.7%
Hiram Na Anak 4.9%

Its Showtime 9.5%
Eat Bulaga! 5.3%
Dragon Lady 5.2%

Kadenang Ginto 10.6%
Bihag 5.3%

Los Bastardos 8.5%
Inagaw na Bituin 5.4%

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano 15.3%
Kara Mia 10.7%

The Generals Daughter 15.4%
Sahaya 11.1%

Halik 9.8%
TODA 9.1%



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