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Political allies defend Sen. Koko Pimentel from online bashing

Palace spokesman Sal Panelo also took the side of Pimentel.

  • Sen. Dick Gordon defends Koko Pimentel.

Contrary to netizens’ sentiments, political allies of embattled Sen. Koko Pimentel have started defending him from online bashing.

Pimentel caught the ire of the nation after he breached his quarantine protocol when he accompanied his pregnant wife to the Makati Medical Center for her scheduled delivery. Pimentel was a PUI (Person Under Investigation) for COVID-19 at the time he broke protocol. It was later confirmed that he had tested positive for the disease.

Although Koko denied allegations that he roamed around the premises, MMC issued a strongly worded statement denouncing Pimentel’s breach of their stringent quarantine protocol saying he unduly exposed patients and medical workers to possible infection.

In an interview with DZBB, Sen. Richard Gordon defended Pimentel saying people should give Pimentel some slack because he’s a sensible person and he won’t deliberately endanger other people.

“Kilala ko si Koko. Matinong tao, hindi salbahe yan, ‘di nagaabuso. E ‘wag naman natin pagpiyestahan,” he said.

“Now is not the time na magsisishan tayo. I think nag-apologize na yung tao. Alam mo bagong kasal yan at may anak siyang na cesarean ang mangyayari,” he added.

Malacanang spokesman Sal Panelo, likewise took the side of Pimentel saying it’s not his fault and people shouldn’t blame the senator.

“I think it’s not his fault because one, his wife will be giving birth and two, he did not know yet that he was positive of the disease,” said Panelo.

“If he’s not aware that he has symptoms of the virus, how can you blame him?” he added.

PDP-Laban Spokesman and House Deputy Speaker Surigao del Sur 2nd district Rep. Johnny Pimentel also took up the cudgel for Sen. Koko.

In an interview, the other Pimentel said the Senator would not do anything intentionally if he knew already that he was positive for COVID-19.

“Si Koko naman is a very straightforward person. I don’t think gagawa siya nang ganun. Tingin ko hindi niya talaga alam at that time (Koko is a very straightforward person. I don’t think he would knowingly expose the hospital staff. I think he really didn’t know at that time),” said Rep. Pimentel.

The ruling party is also not planning on initiating a probe against Koko saying he doesn’t see anyone raising it.

“We will not initiate any probe on him unless may mag-raise sa party (unless someone raises it in the party), [but] I don’t think so,” the Deputy Speaker added.

Sen. Koko is the current president of PDP-Laban where President Rodrigo Duterte serves as the chairperson.

Meanwhile, a group of lawyers led by Atty. Rico Quicho is planning to file a case against Sen. Pimentel for the breach of his home quarantine.

Quicho said his law firm Quicho & Angeles along with other lawyer friends is already drafting a complaint against Pimentel who

“We will rely on the full force of law—we are looking into criminal, civil and administrative charges. Not only to make him accountable but also set an example,” Quicho said.


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