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Sarah Lahbati reveals how she got along with her mother-in-law, Annabelle Rama

The feisty talent manager was feared for being a terror but her daughter-in-law found her sweet spot.

Annabelle Rama, who is Richard and Raymond Gutierrez’s mother, was feared by many celebrities. But how did her daughter-in-law managed to tame the beast?

During the virtual press conference for Sarah Lahbati’s contract renewal with Viva, the 27-year-old actress shared how she got along with her husband’s mother.

Apparently, she too was terrified at Rama. But she learned an important trick: be patient and quiet. Now that Lahbati became patient, she got to know her mother-in-law more.

“We all know Tita Anabelle na masungit, mataray. But for me, the more I got to know her, the more I was patient and quiet… being patient, quiet, and listening, pays off. Kasi you get to know a person more. Katulad ni tita din, akala ko din nakakatakot siya, masungit, maingay,” said the actress.

With her silence and listening skills, she learned another side of Rama—extremely sweet.

“More than anything, napaka-thoughtful niya, napakabait. Minsan magpapadala sa bahay ng kung anu-ano. She is sweet in that way,” the actress added.

Now that she is about to return to the big screen, Lahbati revealed her realization during this pandemic. And that is treasuring her family. The actress shared that she was truly overjoyed for the intimacy that she and her family shared over this quarantine.

“It’s the little things that mean the most. Katulad nang pag-celebrate ng birthday ng mga kids namin. Katulad last year we celebrated their birthday, very intimate. For Kai’s birthday last year, kami lang ni mom ‘yung gumawa ng cake. It was really intimate and masaya, talagang tunay na saya. It’s about being with your family and with your loved ones and being healthy that matters most,” shared Lahbati.

But bearing a son at a very young age, with a promising career ahead of her, Lahbati did not regret putting her family first over her career. According to the actress, she does not see her age as a hindrance to her career. Lahbati is optimistic that a mother of two like her, can still make her dreams come true.

“Not really. I’m only 27 so there’s a bright future ahead. And I’m actually happy that I’m a mother of two,” said the actress.

“Yes, everything happened very quickly at a young age for me. But there’s also beauty in that. Because I get to be with the kids. I can still make my dreams come true in terms of my career,” she added.

Expect Sarah Lahbati soon on the big screen as she finished inking her renewal contract with Viva, the home of the stars.

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