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  • BLIND ITEM: Not a family affair after all

    A wedding is usually a joyous occasion, with the happy couple basking in the warmth and well wishes of friends and family. Unfortunately, that may not be the case for this celebrity couple due to tie the knot very soon. The celebrity pair is no strangers to controversy, from the time they got together (supposedly […] More

  • The Who? Famous Singer having a relationship with a tomboy

    A Famous Singer is allegedly having a relationship with an LGBT member. According to sources, this Quite Famous Singer always brings Tomboy Lover on her showbiz commitments. Quite Famous Singer (QFS) is now on controversy linking her to a Tomboy Lover (TL). Reports show that TL always accompany FS on all her showbiz commitments. Speculations […] More

  • Popular actor reportedly demanding in terms of projects

    One known TV actor is reportedly being hated on the set due to his uncalled for demands There are talks going around in various tapings about a popular TV actor who acts like a V.I.P. in sets. According to  some staff, this celebrity has his head up high and embraces his ego too much. Directors […] More

  • The Who? Celebrity mom hit young actor on set 

    ​ A young actor (former child star) was allegedly humiliated and hit by his mom on set.  According to sources, the actor immediately left the shoot embarrassed after the mother caused a scene. Rumors have been going around about a Celebrity Mom (CM) who allegedly humiliated a Young Actor (YA) during taping. According to some sources, CM […] More

  • Roxanne Barcelo admits getting harsh criticism from a starlet

    There are people who would always criticize and would always want a piece of you. Roxanne Barcelo seemed to have gotten used to criticisms ever since she started in showbiz. She would often be the ‘odd girl out’ as a newbie in showbiz some years back. But those experiences didn’t made Roxanne quit showbiz although […] More

  • BLIND ITEM: Two actresses clash at the set of their drama series

    Two actresses clashed while they were taping one of their scenes in their drama series. “Actress A” who plays the protagonist has been controlling her temper towards her co-actress who has an “attitude.” “Actress B,” the antagonist, had no idea that she would soon taste the grudge of Actress A. An unconfirmed report circulates that […] More

  • BLIND ITEM: Two personalities rumored to be a gay couple?

    Social media has some good and bad effects to people using it. In the last 2 years, it became our “daily need” and we could not help but to use it daily! However, online bullying and invasion of privacy became common as SNS sites become bigger. Hence, being cautious on what you post is the key to […] More

  • Top actress, planning a “big switch” to other network

    A top actress is thinking of transferring to another network. Actually, this actress is still on top. She’s still enjoying her prime as a celebrity; however, seems like she’s unhappy with what she is doing with her career in her network, Network A. Coincidentally, another network, Network B, has offered her a tempting role that […] More