This year’s nominees for the RAWR Awards 2019, will be announced on October 1. Voting on our social media channels will proceed on the same date and will end on November 2.

RAWR Awards Voting Mechanics: Here’s how Your Vote[s] get Counted

1. 33% will come from user engagements on three social media platforms: Likes on Instagram, Hearts on Facebook, and Retweets on Twitter, respectively.

To vote, log on to LionHearTV’s Facebook, IG, Twitter accounts. Click on the names of their choices.

2. The other 33% comes from the blogosphere (the blogging community that composed of 200 blogger-owners and from representatives from the selected 30 PRs).

3. Lastly, the last 33% comes from third party analytics. It will count the views generated from the keywords of the nominated celebrities, shows, and media outfits. It will run within the voting period as well.


Beshie ng Taon – In any story, he or she is the sidekick, the supporter who cheers for the Bida. Oftentimes, he or she is overlooked and taken for granted, but because of his or her contribution to tell and complete a story—he or she gives the lead a special support system and because of that—he or she deserves that recognition, too.

Maymay Entrata, Kakai Bautista, Lovely Abella – Hello Love Goodbye
Martin Del Rosario, Christian Bables – Panti Sisters
Kim Molina – Kadenang Ginto
Dave Bornea – Sahaya
Adrian Lindayag – Kadenang Ginto
Arra San Agustin – My Special Tatay
Hero Angeles – Halik
Sandino Martin – Mea Culpa (Sino Ang May Sala?)

Bibo Award – The award clearly indicates being active or maybe the brightest child star the public has come to endear with. The recipient of the award has this innocence that can be described as ‘breath of fresh air’; he or she has shown dedication at work despite his or her young age.

Elia Ilano – Ulan
Euwenn Aleta – Cain at Abel
Sophia Reola – Nang Nguniti Ang Langit
Kenken Nuyad – FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano
Krystal Mejes – Nang Nguniti Ang Langit
Rafael Landicho – Bihag
Yuan Francisco – Victor Magtanggol
Baste Granfon – Eat Bulaga

Favorite Bida – Bida means the lead—it can refer to either the star on a television show or in a film. The Favorite Bida of is someone who gave a remarkable performance. Though being a protagonist back then are the victims and who allow the antagonist to just abuse him or her; today, the Bida knows how to fight and still earn the sympathy of the audience.

Angel Locsin – The General’s Daughter
Coco Martin – FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano
Alden Richards – Victor Magtangol
Jo Berry – Onanay
Kris Bernal – Asawa Ko Karibal Ko
Dingdong Dantes – Cain At Abel
Jericho Rosales – Halik
Bianca Umali – Sahaya

Favorite Kontrabida – Any Bida will not be as effective and convincing if his or her kontrabida fails to deliver. The said award is given to the antagonist who made the audience hate them because of the guts and he or she can steal the spotlight from the lead if given the chance. With many bankable artists turn into the villains they are now, one can only be hailed as the Ultimate Kontrabida.

Dennis Trillo – Cain at Abel
Dimples Romana – Kadenang Ginto
Yam Concepcion – Halik
Alice Dixson – Ngayon At Kailanman
Tirso Cruz III – The General’s Daughter
Cherie Gil – Onanay
Sophie Albert – Bihag
Thea Tolentino – Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko

Breakthrough Artist Of The Year – Not necessarily a newcomer, but he or she is an artist, a personality that rocked the entertainment scene with such a sterling performance and perhaps an achievement that impressed many. It is a matter of leaving a great impact for the Filipino audience to see what he or she can still offer, positively.

Golden Cañedo – The Clash
Francine Diaz – Kadenang Ginto
Aljon Mendoza – MMK
Seth Fedelin – Kadenang Ginto
Ion ‘Kuya Escort’ Perez – It’s Showtime
Ivana Alawi – Mea Culpa (Sino Ang May Sala?)
Jo Berry – Onanay
Michelle Dee – Love You Two

Bet na Bet na Teleserye – Each year, the quality of our TV shows or series have become more competitive, innovative and impressive. Plots get deeper or crazier and the artists become better. Truly, these shows are testaments of how great Filipino artistry is.

The General’s Daughter (ABS-CBN)
Sahaya (GMA Network)
Onanay (GMA Network)
Kadenang Ginto (ABS-CBN)
Halik (ABS-CBN)
Kara Mia (GMA Network)
FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (ABS-CBN)
My Special Tatay (GMA Network)

Song Of The Year – Songs reflect the heart and the soul of an artist and it affect the listeners. This is a song that made the public define a particular emotion—it can be joy, sorrow or pain. That song is something that most people have that LSS or last song syndrome or can be an anthem for the whole year round.

Isa Pang Araw – Sarah Geronimo
Kung Di Lang Ikaw – Moira ft. December Avenue
Lumang Tutugin – Inigo Pascual
Chambe – Alex Gonzaga
Sana – I Belong To The Zoo
Kahit Ayaw Mo Pa – This Band
Into You – FERN
Pagtingin – Ben&Ben

Movie ng Taon – From September 2018 to September this year, movies have created abuzz not just because of its topnotch performance, its storytelling but it has somehow caught the attention both the moviegoers and the critics. Every year, the local and international film industry offer materials that created such a stir and even break box-office records as well.

Hello, Love, Goodbye – Star Cinema
Alone/Together – Black Sheep
The Panti Sisters – The IdeaFirst Company
Just A Stranger – Viva Films
Ulan – Viva Films
Eerie – Star Cinema
Fantasica – Star Cinema
Family History – GMA Pictures

Favorite Newbie – Spotlighting the freshest face[s] or maybe those who just ventured into the entertainment circuit is one of the most exciting parts in this award-body. He or she has impressed the public or the eyes of scrutinizing critics. Though new, the star has made a good mark and was given that stamp of approval and predicted to have a promising future in the industry.

FumiYam – Home Sweetie Home
KiaNo – PBB Otso
LouDre – PBB Otso
Kim de Leon – Starstruck
Herlyn “Hipon Girl” Budol – Wowowin
Shayne Sava – Starstruck
KarJon – PBB Otso
Jin Macapagal (BidaMan) – It’s Showtime