Winners of 2013 Miss Intercontinental

Another Filipina beauty queen placed third runner-up in 2013 Miss Intercontinental.

Koreen Medina was crowned third runner-up in 2013 Miss Intercontinental pageant held on December 15 in Maritim Hall, Maritim Hotel Madgeburg, Magdeburg, Germany. Winning the pageant is Miss Russia. She was followed by contestants from Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Colombia, while Miss South Africa landed in fourth runner-up.

Winners of the Miss Intercontinental – Special Awards are Puerto Rico for Miss Smile, Panama for Best National Costume, Puerto Rico for Best Body/Swimwear, Argentina for Best Evening Gown, Germany for Miss Congeniality, Portugal for Miss Photogenic, and Turkey for Miss Press.

Top 15:

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  1. South Africa
  2. Thailand
  3. Philippines
  4. New Zealand 
  5. Hungary
  6. Germany
  7. Poland
  8. England  
  9. Russia
  10. Panama
  11. Costa Rica
  12. Curacao
  13. Puerto Rico
  14. Argentina
  15. Colombia.

Top 5 (Continental Queens):

  1. South Africa (Africa)
  2. Philippines (Asia and Oceania)
  3. Colombia (South America)
  4. Puerto Rico (North America)
  5. Russia (Europe)

Miss Intercontinental 2013:

  • Russia

1st runner-up:

  • Puerto Rico

2nd runner-up:

  • Colombia

3rd runner-up:

  • Philippines

4th runner-up:

  • South Africa

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