Sociologist explains popularity of AlDub tandem

Alden, Frankie, Yaya Dub, and Lola Nidora

Since they were paired on the “Juan for All, All for Juan” segment of  “Eat Bulaga!”, the AlDub love team has captured the hearts of millions of TV viewers. Today, the popular “kalyeserye” continues to get high ratings, thanks to the chemistry between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub).

In fact, even before she became a big part of the Kapuso network, Maine admitted that she admired Alden for being handsome, having a big heart, and his humility.

There’s a perfectly good reason why the AlDub tandem is making waves. On the “Chikka Minute” segment of GMA 7’s “24 Oras”, sociologist Brother Clifford Sonita said society loves AlDub because the Cinderella complex is beautifully represented there.

The Cinderella complex was first described in 1981 by American writer and psychotherapist Colette Dowling in a book of the same name.  The complex is named after the fairy tale character Cinderella who, in spite of being beautiful and hardworking, cannot change her situation until she is rescued by a prince.

Colette said women secretly fear independence and have a desire to be rescued or taken care of by their own Prince Charming. In the same vein, Yaya Dub is an ordinary person who hopes to ride off into the sunset with her Prince Alden.

YaYa Dub promise that she will do her best for him. For her presentation at the Broadway Studio
Yaya Dub vows to make a good presentation for Alden.

Secondly, Sonita said that Maine is like a diamond in the rough – a person with great talent and potential who needs to be polished in order to shine. If you recall, Maine was discovered through her Dubsmash video that became viral. This simple lady is one of the reasons why “Eat Bulaga!” has high ratings.

A very sweet message of Alden for Yaya Dub.
A very sweet message of Alden for Yaya Dub.

It has only been a month since the AlDub love team began, but the tandem is a hit nationwide and is talked about in schools, offices, and terminals. The whole Philippines stops when the “kalyeserye” is on “Eat Bulaga!”

The question on everyone’s mind nowadays is: Will Yaya Dub finally meet Alden? How soon will this happen?

For now, there’s no definite answer, but Lola Nidora said fans shouldn’t lose hope since the two lovebirds are destined to be together. Till then, they face many challenges that will continue to keep viewers glued to their seats.


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