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How Social Media turned 15 Unknowns into TV celebrities

It is undeniable fact that social media has a great impact on our culture and on the world-at-large. People around the globe spend more of their time in social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instragram, Vines, and Twitter.

Social media sites revolutionized the way people think, act, and even socialize in the internet. That’s why, people came into a point wherein they create posts and videos online. In fact, many of these social media posts and talents have turn out to be that famous. They essentially made a viral effect to the society. And because of that, many of them are consistently doing their own online platforms in order to grab the attention of social media sites users.

Due to the effects of social media sites to the people today, large TV networks discovered potential artists and even turned them into influential people in the entertainment industry.

So let us now check the random list of 15 unknown Filipino people who make their ways to entertainment industry through social media sites.

#15. Moymoy Palaboy


Moymoy Palaboy is a Filipino comic duo who was discovered for their uploaded lip sync video in their Youtube channel. James Ronald a.k.a. Moymoy and Rodfil a.k.a. Roadfill’s videos gained over 5 million hits and they have over 420,000 subscribers around the world. The duo had their first TV appearance in June 2008 in GMA Network’s late night comedy show “Bubble Gang,” and still in contract with the TV network.


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