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Vice Ganda’s famous punch line ‘Grabe Siya O!’ is now “Eat Bulaga’s” newest segment

Coincidence or intentional?

We have received numerous complaints about “Eat Bulaga’s” newest segment “Grabe S’ya!” from our readers.

grabe siya o

When Eat Bulaga introduces its newest segment “Grabe S’ya!”, only one thing comes to  mind, is it a mere coincidence or an intentional move to ride with Vice Ganda’s famous catchphrase “Grabe Siya O!” from his MMFF movie entry “Beauty and the Bestie”.


On Monday, Eat Bulaga launched their newest segment “Grabe S’ya!” aimed at showcasing its audience’s talents. The segment works like an on-air audition where contestants are given 40 seconds to impress the judges (comprise of EB Dabarkads and some members of the audience) and get the chance to be the next television big star.

“Grabe S’ya!” is obviously “Eat Bulaga’s” answer to rival show’s newest segment “Tawag Ng Tanghalan.”

While Eat Bulaga is known for their originality when it comes to introducing new segments, the launch of “Grabe S’ya” in the wake of the success of Vice Ganda’s Beauty and the Bestie where the punchline “Grabe Siya O” was heavily used is something to look into.

But let’s not also forget that “Grabe s’ya!” is also one of Vic Sotto’s signature expression. It’s one of Bossing’s favorite expressions especially when expressing extreme conversations with the hosts of ‘Juan for All: All for Juan.’

It’s not a copyrighted title so no one can ever claim it. It’s up to the netizens on how they will accept it.

The phrase started to become a hit when the trailer of Beauty and the Bestie came out with Vice Ganda delivering the line numerous times. The comedian known for coming up with a number of hit catchphrases like, “May Nagtext”, “Eh di wow” etc, also uses “Grabe Siya O!” in his noontime show “It’s Showtime”.

Now that Eat Bulaga has its newest segment “Grabe S’ya!”, will it spur another issue with its rival show It’s Showtime? Or will Vice Ganda take it as a compliment and feel flattered?

Let’s just wait and see.




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