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Alden Richards’ manager fights back against the ‘so-called’ talent manager

Rifts among talent managers and stars are not new in showbiz. We’ve seen it a gazillion times when even former discoverer/talent manager has something ill to say about his or her previous talent and same thing goes true with stars badmouthing ex-managers.


Let’s take into consideration the latest issue involving Alden Richards and his ‘former talent manager’.

In a recent article on Bandera, Alden Richards’ current manager talked about the person who claims to be the discoverer of Alden Richards. The said discoverer shared his sentiments by calling some press people for interviews and stated that Carlites de Guzman is not the real manager of Alden Richards.

Alden Richards’ talent manager Carlites de Guzman has already posted a statement on his Facebook account pertaining to this issue in which he said “Ang tsismis ay ginagawa ng mga taong galit sa ‘yo. Kinakalat ng mga loko-loko at pinaniniwalaan ng mga taong makikitid ang utak!” (Hearsays are created by a person who is angry at you. Spread by foolish people and believed by narrow minded people)

According to Alden Richards’ camp, Carlites de Guzman is the recognized manager of the ‘Pambansang Bae’ since that time Alden won the title Ginoong Sta. Rosa in 2009 and as Ginoong Laguna in 2010. Carlites de Guzman is a known director of pageants in Laguna who also manages several talents.

It was Carlites de Guzman who brought Alden Richards to GMA Network to join the talent search Starstruck. Although Alden did not made it to Final 14 it was his stepping stone to penetrate mainstream showbiz when he became a contract talent under GMA Artist Center in 2010.

When Alden Richards won the “Best Drama Actor” for Star Awards for TV and during his birthday celebration on “Eat Bulaga,” he openly acknowledged and thanked de Guzman which could only mean that the news that Alden Richards is ungrateful is untrue.

Carlites de Guzman also explained that the claim of Dudu Unay that Alden Richards does not acknowledge the people who helped him when he was just starting is not true. Dudu also claimed that he was the one responsible for Alden’s “Alakdana” project on the Kapuso network which has no bearing since Alden Richards at that time was already a talent of GMA Artist Center.


Alden Richards’ manager de Guzman shared the connection between Alden and Dudu. One time when Alden has to show up for his showbiz commitment he asked Dudu Unay to accompany Alden. It is also impossible for Alden Richards to blocked Dudu on Facebook since Alden was searching for Dudu during that time.


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