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Gloc-9 releases official statement over Binay performances

Artists-rapper Gloc-9 has received criticisms from the netizens for his performances at Binay’s Easter Sunday sortie in Noveleta, Cavite and again in Makati on Monday at the proclamation rally of Makati representative Abby Binay, who is running for the mayoralty seat previously held by her brother, Jejomar Jr.

In both occasions, Gloc9 performed his new song “Pareho Tayo”, which he released in January and was acquired by the Binay campaign in early February, he immediately clarified he is not endorsing Vice President Jejomar Binay as his presidential candidate. The lyrics of “Pareho Tayo” echo Binay’s claim of affinity with the poor despite being accused of amassing billions of pesos in anomalous transactions during his long reign as Makati mayor.

He is known for his fast-flowing vocal style and socially conscious lyrics and singing the hit “Upuan,” which denounced political dynasties.

Aside from disappointed fans who accused him of betraying the message of his songs flooded the rapper’s Facebook page with reactions, 2 known internet personalities has aired their reaction son their respective pages.

Gloc 9 Binay

Internet personality Senyora Santibañez has also expressed dismay for his act.

Gloc 9 Binay

Outraged colleague Mocha Yuson even questioned Gloc-9’s choice.

Gloc 9 Binay

Gloc-9’s management PPL Entertainment, Inc. headed by Mr. Perry Lansigan sent an official statement published at Orange Magazine.

Read the full statement below:

“Like many artists, Gloc-9 has been performing in various sorties since February of this year. During campaign season, it is normal for artists and celebrities to get gigs that are connected to or have something to do with the coming elections. In the past month alone, Gloc-9 has performed in sorties for local candidates regardless of party affiliations in Laguna, Bocaue, and Cavite. That it is this Makati gig that has gotten mileage is no surprise, and that has more to do with the media than with Gloc-9.

To Gloc-9 management this was just a regular sortie gig for a local candidate, no different from the sorties before it, and the sorties that will come after it.”

In his verified Facebook Page, Gloc-9 also posted this message:

Gloc 9 Binay

In 2010, Gloc-9’s “Simpleng Tao” was used for the Manny Villar campaign as acquired through the recording company that owned it.


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