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WATCH: Rodrigo Duterte responds to the outcry over rape ‘joke’

“It was not a joke. I said it as a narrative. I was not smiling.” – Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte's rape joke interview

Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte jokes about the rape of an Australian woman in Davao City. The incident was captured in a video went viral and earned mixed reactions from the netizens. Even fellow Presidential candidates also released their respective statements about the rape joke.

Despite being heavily criticized, Rodrigo Duterte facing the media on Sunday, refused to apologize for his controversial remarks. “It was not a joke. I said it as a narrative. I was not smiling.”

VIRAL: Duterte makes a Joke about Australian Rape-Slay victim; other candidates react

Watch Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s full video interview regarding  the rape-joke issue:

However, the Presidential aspirant admitted it was a “bad remark.” “I’m sorry if it came out this way, ganyan talaga ang totoo…Ganoon talaga magsalita ang, galing ako sa baba eh. ‘Di naman ako anak ng konyo (that’s the truth…I really speak that way because I came from a poor family. I’m not the son of a rich person),” he said.


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