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Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera’s behind the scenes photos in their new McDonald’s TV commercial shoot

The big news is out! Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are self confessed Chicken McDo lovers and their fans and McDonald’s customers just can’t get enough of their recent surprise.


In their new TV commercial for McDonald’s, Dingdong and Yanyan playfully call each other as they eagerly wait for their Chicken McDo delivery. The couple casually orders Chicken McDo as they take a break from their busy schedules. Here are exclusive behind the scenes shots that will surely make you love this couple more.

Yanyan gives Dingdong a warm hug as they wait for the cameras to roll

Dingdong and Yanyan enjoy the Chicken McDo as they film their first McDonald’s TVC

Dingdong and Yanyan are clearly ‘at home’ because they spend memorable bonding moments with their families and friends at McDonald’s. For them, the taste of Chicken McDo is truly close to home and is something that they always go back to.

Dingdong and Yanyan also shared that they couldn’t wait to spend more bonding moments with their family, friends, and fans over the juicier and tastier Chicken McDo.

Like Dingdong and Yanyan, you can try Chicken McDo anytime at McDonald’s stores nationwide. You can also avail of it via Drive-Thru or McDelivery (86-2-36,, or the McDo PH app). Share your photos enjoying Chicken McDo on Facebook, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.


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