Kris Aquino continues her ‘talk tradition’ in “The Kris List”

Admit it or not, it took us some time to get used to not hearing Kris Aquino as we wake up at KrisTV, and listening to her opinions at Aquino and Abunda Tonight before we sleep.

Who would not forget her contagious laughter that soon became her trademark? Her life might be an open book, and we have witnessed her in her highest of highs and lowest of lows, but you can never deny the fact that people loved her, and still do. Haters gonna hate, but the name Kris Aquino will forever be written in the history of Philippine showbiz. As an old saying goes, you can hate, but you can never beat the Kris Aquino.

Have you ever thought why people actually like her? Here’s why:

1. She’s a good teacher

For some, watching her is a guilty pleasure, but as we follow the episodes of her former daily talk shows, she had injected us a lesson or two, that for the longest time, we never knew. From feng shui to life hacks, she actually knows a lot! Having graduated from a prestigious school in the country, you can never overlook her wit and wisdom.

2. She’s very generous

One of the reasons why people like her is because she’s very generous. From her staff and to the fans, she shares her blessings, and besides, she earns what she gives out in an hour anyway.

3. She’s not afraid to lose her poise

We might cringe on the levels of her whine, but we’ve seen her looked stupid in front of the cameras. She is not afraid to lose her composure, just to show people who she really is. Fun is her second name.

4. She’s naturally funny

She is not a comedienne but her natural wit and kengkoy-ness gets us going. She’s not a try-hard when it comes to making her viewers laugh, it just comes out naturally.

5. She always surprises us

Now that we no longer see her in a daily routine, she makes sure that we would still feel her presence. Just recently, she releases “The Kris List”

The Kris List

Kris Aquino herself shocks everyone when she posted a video on her page. The video was named “The Krist List”. It’s a webseries where the Queen of All Media talks and shares about her personal list in life, just like what youtubers do. It’s like crossing out her ‘bucket’ list each episode.

Starting fresh again

Her break obviously helped her a lot, it teaches her to see things in a different perspective, that’s why the freshness of her aura is very evident. The 3 to 5-minute webisodes give us a glimpse of the authentic Kris we’ve been eagerly waiting. It will focus on her interests in family, food, travel and people.

Indeed the Queen of All Media

Just by producing this webseries, we can see that Kris is actually smart. Making herself relevant by keeping up with the millennial trend. If not on TV, at least we can see her in a different medium, online. Adding to this great idea is the cinematography of each episode, matched with good music and eye-catching scenes.

Webseries Kick Off

The Kris List Ep. 1 Calligraphy

The Kris List Ep. 1 CalligraphyKris tries her hand at calligraphy and discovers more about herself. #TheKrisListThe Kris List is a series of web videos on her own personal list of new experiences, looking at them with with fresh eyes.

Posted by Kris Aquino on Saturday, May 13, 2017

On the first episode of her webseries entitled “Calligraphy”, she takes her artistic side to another level. Being an inborn reader and writer, good penmanship is important to her, so first on her list, learn how to do calligraphy.

By learning this form of art, her natural wit shows off sharing some quotable quotes throughout the video, one catchy statement she said was, “Wag kang nakakasakal, dapat may space.”

The Kris List Ep. 2 Camping

The Kris List Ep. 2 CampingKris and Bimby had the best bonding day. They enjoyed each other’s company while camping in this episode of The Kris List. #TheKrisListThe Kris List is powered by Petron Corporation, Best Day at Petron. #PetronBestDay. And in partnership with Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Kids Can Tell; and Monterey Meatshop Meats You Can Trust.Petron – Tender Juicy Hotdogs – Meatshop –

Posted by Kris Aquino on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Following the artistic pilot episode is equally adventurous one—“Camping”. Set in Caliraya, Laguna, next to her list was a personal wish of her son, Bimby. Knowing Kris, she doesn’t like strenuous activities, but for her son, she would do anything. This episode is relatable to all the parents out there—that even though they’re sacrificing something, seeing their children happy makes all the hardships worth it.

We’ll just let this statement of Kris speaks for the whole episode, “Basta nakita mo na maligaya anak mo,gagawin mo talaga lahat kahit mahirap pa.”

The Kris List Ep. 3 Laing

The Kris List Ep. 3 LaingKris learns to cook the best authentic laing with world-renowned fashion designer Avel Bacudio in this episode of The Kris List. #TheKrisListThe Kris List partners with Monterey Meatshop, Meats You Can Trust, and Petron Gasul – Ang segurista, Petron Gasulista!Monterey Meatshop – Gasul –

Posted by Kris Aquino on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Doing what she does best, the third episode features her favorite hobby—cooking. “Laing” gives you Avel Bacudio, Bicolano and a fashion designer, teaching Kris how to make authentic Bicolano Laing. Seeing Kris in the kitchen is a joy to watch, you can tell that she really loves what she’s doing.

Being a good story teller, she shares experiences of her that are very relevant and relatable to her viewers. On this episode, we can learn the value of time. And according to Kris, “There is merit in doing things step by step, one at a time, and patiently waiting for it to come together.”

“The Kris List” is powered by Petron Corporation and San Miguel Corporation.



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