BY THE NUMBERS: AGB Nielsen TV ratings missing in action again

Are they planning on changing ratings category again?

For two weeks now, AGB Nielsen TV ratings are nowhere to be found. The latest report they’ve released was Thursday, November 9.

AGB Nielsen releases their NUTAM People ratings daily however, since November 9 until now (as of this writing) no AGB Nielsen numbers are available online.

But this current scenario is nothing new as similar instances already happened in the past.

Last March 2017, AGB Nielsen also failed to release survey numbers for two weeks creating different speculations from netizens and TV ratings observers.

What happened to the NUTAM results while ABS-CBN is beating GMA Network in important blocks?

It turned out that they’ve switched ratings category from the previous NUTAM Household to NUTAM People ratings. During that time, ABS-CBN is beating GMA Network in all programming blocks.

The same instance happened just last September 2017, when AGB Nielsen again withheld their data for less than a week and instead released their Mega Manila TV ratings showing GMA Network’s Super Ma’ams pilot beating Kapamilya rival.

Marian Rivera’s “Super Ma’am” tops Mega Manila TV Ratings, beats “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano”

MEGATam was not officially released online as they brought back the NUTAM People ratings for the missing dates.

Now that no AGB Nielsen People ratings were released, can we expect another ratings category switch?

I just hope that AGB Nielsen will realize that the more they delay releasing their numbers, the more speculations and doubt on their credibility are created.

And with Pinoy viewers’ penchant for network war, one day of delay in survey results is a day of doubt and losing credibility for the TV survey firm.

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