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How medical marijuana helped Wil Dasovich on his battle with colon cancer

  • Famous vlogger Wil Dasovich claimed that medical marijuana helped him in his battle with colon cancer.
  • The 26-year old Youtuber revealed that it was his doctor who suggested to the said treatment.

After months of treatment, famous vlogger Wil Dasovich claimed that medical marijuana contributed to his battle with cancer.

In an interview with “ANC Headstart,” the 26-year old Youtuber revealed that it was his doctor who suggested to try the said treatment.

“In California, maybe some people don’t know this, but marijuana is legal. Not just medical marijuana, as in like marijuana by itself…,” he said.

“Every single cancer patient I met in the infusion center uses medical marijuana. Because the best thing it does, it’s kind of like a miracle drug. They give you all these pills and stuff… I hated popping all these prescriptions they’re giving. It works, it alleviates stuff, but nothing was like medical marijuana,” he added.

Aside from chemotherapy, the hospital doctors proposed to try with the miracle drug. However, Wil said that it helped him more in terms of his appetite.

“There’s something about it. The best thing is that it gives you an appetite. When you are in chemo, nothing tastes good. Your favorite food just tastes terrible, so you stop eating,” he shared.

“I didn’t try it until halfway through my cycles. Chemo gets harder through every cycle, but it actually became so much easier once I’ve finally tried that [medical marijuana] and did it. And I didn’t do it to smoke because I want to preserve my lungs. It comes in candy, in brownies, and everything,” he continued.

Last February 2, Wil announced in his vlog “Life Determined by a Phone Call (EMOTIONAL)” that he already cancer-free after his six-months treatment in the US.


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