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“BAKIT???” Netizen claims Joshua Garcia likes her ‘art photo’; actor posts cryptic tweet

  • A netizen, Dane Rhea Sillo, receives a direct message from Joshua Garcia’s account.
  • She then tweeted her reaction to it. 
  • Another netizen claimed that he or she has the conversation between Joshua and Dane.

Joshua Garcia recently went into a controversy regarding wanting to meet a netizen named Dane Rhea Sillo. The latter wrote a tweet, seemingly confused about the situation. Joshua wrote a cryptic tweet which may pertain to the said issue.

In Dane’s tweet, she also wrote:

“UHMMM WAIT LANG 😱 yes Joshua? Bakit???”

Dane attached a photo where Joshua allegedly DMed her own post with the words, “Art photo 👍”

Dane attaches a screenshot of Joshua’s profile as a proof that he really did DMed her.

Although Dane stopped the interaction there, a Twitter user allegedly placed their conversation into public as retrieved by Fashion Pulis. The said user, @cher198, had already deleted the said tweet as of this writing.

There will also no proof that Joshua and Dane started talking on Facebook.

The said conversation started with “Joshua” telling “Dane” that he has to sleep and wake up early. The conversation continued with him asking her where she lived.

The conversation also involved that he wanted to meet with her.

Theories suggest that someone may have used the same profile picture and name as Joshua on Facebook. Another theory supported that the said Facebook messages are fake or someone may have hacked Joshua’s accounts.

Joshua has yet to speak with the said issue. However, he wrote a cryptic tweet which may pertain to the said issue. In the said tweet, he wrote:

“You can never put a good man down.”



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