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Did he make a dirty finger at Alden Richards’ poster? Juancho Trivino apologizes

  • Juancho Trivino may or may not have given Alden Richards’ poster the middle finger.
  • Netizens reacted to the video uploaded on Twitter.
  • Juancho may also be giving the middle finger to the one taking the video not Alden’s poster.

A video recently caught the attention of many. The said video also contains Juancho Trivino giving a middle finger to a poster of Alden Richards. Netizens, then, reacted on the said video which Entertainment Uptake uploaded on Twitter.

Some netizens left negative comments on Juancho’s attitude. However, other netizens gave Juancho a benefit of the doubt.

Juancho is friends with Destined to be Yours stars Maine Mendoza and Sheena Halili. Maine also remains an onscreen partner to Alden. Although, they haven’t had a project after the said drama series.

The one who took the video actually called a name which refers to Nico Arciaga. Juancho may also be giving the middle finger to the one who held the phone not Alden’s poster.

However, many believed otherwise.

In the said tweet, Entertainment Uptake wrote on the said tweet:

“BREAKING NEWS: D-list and ham actor, Juancho Trivino (@juanchotrivino) gave the middle finger to Alden Richards (@aldenrichards02) poster while being videotaped by his group of friends. No wonder why you’re always a starlet Juancho :)”

Netizens reacted on the said video and responded to Entertainment Uptake’s uploaded video. One netizen took to Twitter to defend Juancho the said incident.

“Sa lugar kung nasaan sila. Thats y she shows Aldens poster then move the cam to Juancho, na kunyari si Juancho c Alden. Kaya nag FY c Juancho but not to Alden but for the one who took the vid. Not sure guys if u get what i mean but im pretty sure thats how it should be understood”

One netizen pointed out that Juancho may have always been jealous of Alden ever since, since they attended the same school.

“Hanggang ngyon ang lakas pa rin ng inggit mo ky Alden 1cho, sabagay sa La Salle pa lng noon pa inggit ka na ky Alden akala mo lng kc ikaw lng ang pogi sa school eh dumating c Alden d na pag iwanan ka. Pumasok ka sa showbiz ganon pa rin d nwala inggit mo sa knya.”

Another netizen pointed out that the person on the video may not be Juancho.

“i think hnd sya si JUANCHO

kasi sabi nung nagvivideo


so nico na pala ang name ni JUANCHO TRIVINO???

pagmasdan io rin ung accout sa video.. @nicoarciaga ung name..”

One netizen also added that Juancho actually remains a brave man on doing so.

“Love u JT yan ang lalaki mlakas ang loob. Kht alam nya mgwwala s galit ang mga Anays nya at Aldenation. Kulang pa yan 😛😛😛 #MaineForNationalBreakfastDay”

Another pair of netizens made fun of Alden’s past controversies which include gay rumors and caught cussing on camera.

“Naku Juancho, humanda ka, mamumura ka ni aldenita…. on cam pa!”

“Baka sabunutan kamo”

Juancho Trivino issues apology

In a post on Twitter, Juancho apologized for the video and claimed that the act was not meant for Alden.

“I sincerely apologize for my actions in the video that has been circulating recently. It was a bad joke not intended for Alden.

“Humihingi ako ng pasensya kay Alden for drawing him into this, and sa kanyang pamilya na nagkaroon ng ganitong issue.

“I also would like to say sorry to the people supporting me, to my fans who were disappointed with my actions, to my family who does not have anything to do with this incident. There is no excuse for what I did, and again, I sincerely apologize.

“Having said all of these, you can expect better Juancho and I will be more mindful of these things.”


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