10 Reasons Why “Never Not Love You” is the JaDine Movie We Deserved

  • James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s first film in almost two years, “Never Not Love You” started screening in cinemas last March 31, 2018.
  • The film has earned praises and rave reviews from fans and critics alike.

Everyone’s been talking about “Never Not Love You”, the latest film featuring the phenomenal love team of James Reid and Nadine Lustre. Produced and distributed by Viva Films, the film is directed by Antoinette Jadaone, who is known for her acclaimed romcoms like “Relax, It’s Just Pag-ibig”, “That Thing Called Tadhana” and last year’s tearjerker, “Love You to the Stars and Back”.

“Never Not Love You”, has been earning rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, with others saying that this is the Jadine movie we’ve been waiting for so long and the best film of the phenomenal love team so far.

So we listed the Top 10 Reasons Why “Never Not Love You” is the JaDine Movie We Deserved.

10. This is by far the most gorgeous Jadine movie I have ever seen.

From the lush cinematography and the neon lightings, every single frame of the film is truly Instagram worthy. Antoinette Jadaone made sure that there’s enough attention to every single detail of the film.

9. It’s an Antoinette Jadaone movie.

That’s one reason why this movie’s bound to be good. Most of Jadine’s past romance films were hit or miss, but with Jadaone being on board as director, you can never go wrong.

8. The soundtrack.

The film features an updated version of Sugarfree’s “Prom”, as sung by James Reid and Nadine Lustre. You’ll end hum singing along to the lyrics of the film long after it.

“Parang atin ang gabi, para bang wala tayong katabi. At tayo’y sumayaw na parang di na tayo bibitaw…”

7. The film’s unforgettable lines.

From lines like “I love you. Ikaw lang ang kailangan ko… Marry me. I don’t have a ring…” by James Reid’s character Gio, the film is definitely an upgrade from Diary ng Panget’s Cross Sandford, with his infamous line, “Panget na nga, lampa pa. Double whammy!”

6. The film’s story and characters are more rooted in reality.

“Never Not Love You” is far from your usual Wattpad adaptation (Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead). Written by Antoinette Jadaone herself, the film is more grounded in real life situations such as young millennial lovers nowadays.

Although it’s ending may still follow the genre’s formula, the story is definitely not your typical romance flick.

5. We finally get to see James and Nadine doing some serious drama.

As you know, all their films in the past are light romance flicks and comedies. This time, James Reid and Nadine Lustre take on some serious drama for a change.

4. And when there’s some serious drama, there’s a lot of swearing involved.

Yes, you will get to hear James and Nadine cursing in pure Tagalog in this movie not just once and more than twice. Definitely a first for a Jadine movie.

3. The film tackles mature themes that are very relevant to the lives of millennials today.

The film focuses on two young people and how their lives and relationship drastically change after making life-altering decisions. Millennials nowadays will definitely relate to their characters.

2. The film doesn’t sell fantasy to its viewers.

As previously stated, this is not just another Wattpad movie adaptation. This time, James and Nadine show us that not all relationships are perfect. Not all love story is a blissful fairytale. Love isn’t perfect. It is flawed. And that’s what makes their movie more believable.

1. James and Nadine’s acting has matured already.

Compared to their Diary ng Panget days, James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s acting has already improved a lot as you can see in this movie. James Reid’s improvement in his acting is particularly noticeable in his role. And Nadine Lustre will surely amaze you with her role.

For years, fans have been looking forward to a film that Jadine can be proud of. We can’t deny the fact that most of their past films weren’t that memorable, from Andoy Ranay’s Diary ng Panget, Talk Back and You’re Dead and Nuel Naval’s This Time. But with “Never Not Love You”, James Reid and Nadine Lustre have finally found a movie that they’ll be proud of.



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