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  • LOOK: 11 Famous Pinoy Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Adopted

    Some celebrities may have not known their biological parents. However, the affection that they missed out on was filled in by their adoptive parents. Here are some celebrities who were adopted: Jennylyn Mercado Kapuso singer-actress Jennylyn Mercado was among the few who was abandoned by her parents. In fact, she was as young as six […] More

  • LOOK: 9 Celebrity couples who have adopted children

    There are instances in showbiz that love is the founding basis rather than blood. So, to celebrate Mother’s day, we have compiled a list of Filipino celebrity couples that have adopted children. Sharon Cuneta and Kiko Pangilinan Other than having Frankie and Miel, Sharon and Kiko added Miguel Samuel Mateo, the only boy in their […] More

  • Three Female Celebs clap back at People calling Them ‘Bakla’

    Nowadays, people have become sensitive to using euphemisms to avoid offending someone on social media. However, many still use gay or “bakla” as a derogatory term to offend a person, and worst of all, they use it to demean both gay people and women. Thankfully, some celebrities are ready to clap back at those who […] More

  • Get to Know Local Actors with Most Best Actor Wins since 2000

    The most talented actor wins the prize. That may not be true on every occasion, and for every actor, but taking home the top acting honors more than once, is surely a legendary feat.  We look through the winners of the five biggest film awards: FAMAS, Urian, Luna, Star Awards, Young Critics Circle in the […] More

  • A Year into A Franchise-less ABS-CBN: It changes the Entire Local Scene

    ABS-CBN’s practically unceremonious departure from the main competition, sent a shockwave of misfortune to many businesses, but it has also allowed a few to thrive inordinately in its wake. The closure of ABS-CBN’s various businesses caused a negative domino effect in the economy, even before its July 2020 franchise denial. Now a year into its […] More

  • The Legacy of ABS-CBN’s Shutdown: Immediate and Long-Term Effects

    One year into its post-shutdown operation, ABS-CBN still endures the debilitating impacts of its tragic departure from free television.  These days, ABS-CBN feels virtually everywhere. It’s been airing again on free television—albeit with a limited nationwide presence. It has secured a partnership with popular international video streaming services, while strengthening its own, for local and […] More

  • 3 Kapamilya Stars who chose to Retire from doing Teleseryes

    Philippine TV will not be complete without drama series which are locally called teleseryes. For the past years, local television offered various stories and featured different stars. Some of the celebrities even grew up in the industry by being a part of such projects. However, while some of them gain popularity because of teleseryes, some […] More

  • LIST: Teleseryes with the Most Unique and Unforgettable Finales

    Teleseryes (Pinoy TV Series) are known for their distinct qualities that set them apart from foreign dramas. Naturally, a teleserye or a local soap opera bears utter resemblance[s] to Latin Telenovelas. Its main features involve a hero/heroine whose life is often miserable by a nefarious arch-nemesis. Storylines are often comprised of the protagonist’s struggle to […] More

  • A Year Into A Franchise-Less ABS-CBN: Biggest Celebrity Departures?

    Following ABS-CBN’s departure from free television last year, and its decision to allow its talents to transfer to other stations. A continuous outward stream of talents from the network, but an inward shift of new talents occurred, who surprisingly chose to work for the now franchise-less broadcast giant.  How the shutdown so far affected the […] More