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Diego Loyzaga reveals Sofia Andres has a boyfriend

  • Diego Loyzaga revealed that Sofia Andres actually has a boyfriend.
  • He also denied that he is in a love team with Sofia.
  • He actually has a separate life from Sofia.

Diego Loyzaga recently posted a photo of him and a friend on Instagram. In the comments section, netizens started to comment on his alleged relationship with the onscreen partner, Sofia Andres.

He denied the said relationship and admitted that Sofia actually has a boyfriend.

In the said Instagram post, Diego only wrote on the caption, “Since ’11.”

One netizen thought that Sofia actually liked Diego. They also commended Diego for apparently having a different girlfriend.

“hahah all this time kala ko bet na si sofia andres Hahaha good for you diego”

Diego replied that Sofia has a boyfriend and Chelsea only remains as her friend.

“sofia has a boyfriend.”

“chelsea is my friend”

Another netizen also wrote that maybe Diego is currently hurting on Sofia having a new boyfriend. However, the netizen wished them happiness.

“does this mean you’re still hurting because @iamsofiaandres has a new boyfriend?? i wish you guys happiness but I understand if it’s not going to be you and her anymore but don’t drag her boyfriend along, I’m not sure but i think he’s not in showbiz. if there’s still a love team or if you’re now separating ways even in showbiz. Good luck!”

One netizen pointed out how Diego just admitted their relationship subtly.

“ito ang pag-amin na di halata. Hahaha. So happy that you & @iamsofiaandres are still together. Loveyou both”

Diego replied to said netizens. He also wrote how happy he is for her. He also denied that they were a love team. Diego pleaded netizens not to think they are together.

“nope. Im happy for her”

“and no. Were not a loveteam”

“yeah you didnt get my comment. Sofia and i are not together. Pls dont think we are. Baka may magalit”

When another netizen thought how Sofia and Diego were actually in a relationship.

“All this time. Akala ko si sofia. Hehe keri lang! Basta kung san ka masya diegs!”

Diego also complained how much more he has to say Sofia has a boyfriend.

“damn how many times do i have to say this. Sofia has a boyfriend. Quit commenting her name on my Ig. We both have separate lives.”


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