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“The Voice PH” alumna Jessica Reynoso replaces Fergie in the latest Black Eyed Peas MV

  • Jessica Reynoso appeared in Ring the Alarm‘s music video.
  • However, Fergie have been missing in the said music video.
  • Many fans looked for Fergie in the said video. 

In 2013, declared that he will make Jessica Reynoso known international. On May 17, 2018, iconic hip-hop group The Black Eyed Peas released their comeback music video, Ring the Alarm. The said rap piece reveals the ills of modern society. Jessica also sang the chorus of the said song.

However, many people looked for a certain woman in the group, Fergie.

Many fans also looked for Fergie in the said video. One fan just wanted to see Fergie.

“No, i want to see Fergie”

Another fan  remarked their search for Fergie in a lyric of Where is the Love?

“People got me got me questioning, where is the ferg..the ferg..the ferg??”

One fan also looked for their “wokeness” when Fergie was around in the group.

“Where was this “wokeness” back in the Fergie days… Hmmm.”

Another fan also expressed how dreadful it was not to see Fergie in the video.

“no fergie; dreadful”

One fan also disliked the music video as they had only started listening to The Black Eyes Peas when Fergie joined.

“No Fergie :'( Dislike. Only started listening to BEP when Fergie joined. She made them a lot of hits”

Jessica signed under’s record label, BMBX in 2014. The record label aimed to bring Southeast Asia musical acts to an international audience.

Jessica also grew close to the other members of the other The Black Eyed Peas members.


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