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Marjorie Barretto defends ABS-CBN from perceived ‘no promotion’ for “I Love You, Hater”

  • Marjorie Barretto defended ABS-CBN from netizen asking why the network didn’t support the film. 
  • Julia’s mom dismissed the negativity; stating that the movie got the support it needed. 
  • She also asked the public not to underestimate Joshua and Julia’s supporters.

Marjorie Barretto expressed her gratitude towards fans who supported I Love You, Hater. She went on to congratulate the movie’s director Giselle Andres and stars Kris Aquino, Joshua Garcia, and Julia Barretto.

Julia’s mom extended her thanks to Star Cinema which produced the aforementioned flick.

Image Source: Marjorie Barretto (@marjbarretto) | Instagram

Take Marjorie’s word for it 

In an Instagram post, Marjorie enjoined viewers to catch the movie which is still showing in 240 cinemas nationwide.

“Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng mga nanood at lahat ng nag share ng good reviews about the movie. Congratulations Direk Giselle, Kris, Joshua and Julia. Maraming Salamat Star Cinema. And thank you Lord 🙏🏻 Still showing in 240 cinemas.”

Image Source: Marjorie Barretto (@marjbarretto) | Instagram

No support?

A netizen, however, asked why the network it seemed didn’t support the film.

“Bakit walang support ang ABSCBN sa promo ng movie.Saaaaad”

Marjorie was quick to dismiss what she perceived as negativity. According to her, I Love You, Hater got all the support that it needed.

“You are not making any sense. Why wouldn’t ABS CBN support this film? This movie got all the support it needed. Spread your negativity elsewhere.”

Image Source: Marjorie Barretto (@marjbarretto) | Instagram

Then, another netizen pointed out that the network did not allow Kris to guest in any of its shows to promote the movie, dubbed as the controversial host-actress’ comeback film.

“they never allow @krisaquino to guest in any show for promo.”

” @krisaquino is part of the movie but @abscbn never allowed her for promo in any of their show and thats unfair …shes not naghahasik ng lagim. and she never claimed that she was not supported by the network . she was just amazed with those people who supported her even do she is no longer in the camera light.”

Marjorie responded by asking the netizen, “Who told you they (ABS-CBN) never allowed her (Kris Aquino)?”

Image Source: Marjorie Barretto (@marjbarretto) | Instagram

Do not underestimate JoshLia’s supporters

One other netizen pointed out that the film’s box-office standing improved, thanks to Kris’s true friends and supporters.

“Buti na lang madaming #truefriends (not the user ones) and fans si Kris and buo ang suporta ng pamilya nya sa kanya. Salamat at nakabawi sa takilya ang comeback movie nya. #Lovelovelove #truelang you cannot put a good woman down #KrisisKris @krisaquino old rich, educated, intelihente, masipag at totoong tao.”

Marjorie acknowledged the efforts of Kris’s supporters. However, she also asked not to underestimate Joshua and Julia’s fans.

“Yes. We are grateful for them. But, let’s us not underestimate the support of the supporters of JoshLia. The support of Julia’s friends and family too. The same overwhelming support JoshLia got in their last 3 movies. We watched at Power plant last night, and it was not a block screening,there were a lot of people watching. So, thanks to the casual viewers too.#satruelang”

Image Source: Marjorie Barretto (@marjbarretto) | Instagram


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