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“She’s very valuable to me”, says Bailey May on Ylona Garcia

  • Bailey May returned to the Philippines and performed for a series of mall shows in the Metro on July 20, 21, and 22.
  • He is now part of an international pop group called ‘Now United’.
  • The former PBB housemate admitted that he misses Ylona Garcia, his former partner in ‘BayLona’ tandem.

Former Pinoy Big Brother housemate Bailey May was now back in the Philippines and performed as one of the members of the international pop group ‘Now United’.

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File Photo – LionhearTV

The group performed live on July 20 @ Lucky Chinatown Atrium, July 21 @ Eastwood Central Plaza, and July 22  @ Venice Piazza in Grand Canal Mall. “

‘Now United’ is composed of 14 performers and Bailey is the only Filipino member.

He is proud being a Filipino and he never stopped promoting the Filipino values around the globe.

“I think when I go to the countries of my fellow members, there are Filipino fans in their country who come and meet me and I show my pagka-Pinoy by speaking Tagalog sa mga fans ko and tapping into the Filipino lifestyle again by talking to them and just relating,” he shared.

“But other than that, wearing the flag on my pants.”

He would even brief his fellow band members about the Filipino manners.

“The first thing I told them prior to arriving here was to use the word ‘po’ because it is a sign of respect to the elders and I think it’s just right because that was the first thing I was taught when I arrived here.

“And have fun, because it’s more fun in the Philippines.”

Bailey shared that being part of “Now United” is a dream come true, “I wanted to pursue Now United because my dream has always been to be an international artist, to be in Hollywood.

“It’s always been my dream since I was a kid. So when I found out about this opportunity, I knew it was for me straight away so I worked really hard to get it, I competed with amazing people from this country, very talented.

“It’s been a dream come true.”

During his time in PBB, he was paired with the lovely housemate Ylona Garcia and the two were dubbed as BaiLona. Sadly, the onscreen loveteam didn’t last long since Bailey chose to leave the country and join the international pop group.

File Photo – LionhearTV

But, the truth is he still misses Ylona, “I’ve worked with Ylona for many years so, of course, she’s very valuable to me because of working with her at the time, but then again we’re separating with our own journeys.”

Bailey also admitted the he is working very close with ABS-CBN, “They will always be within my heart because they made me, of course. And I’ll be going back to the Philippines every now and then for ‘trabaho’ (possible work or projects).”


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