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Xian Lim receives overflowing support from Fans

  • Xian Lim recently had emotional posts on social media.
  • He also expressed how people would tried to bring him down and how many people (in the industry) don’t like him. 
  • Netizens also showered Xian with overflowing support after the said post.

Xian Lim recently had emotional posts on social media, both on Instagram and twitter. In the said posts, Xian expressed how people would try to bring other down.

He also tried to make people understand, however, they don’t.

Image Souce: Xian Lim (@xianlimm) | Instagram

Post on Instagram.

Xian also shared how people won’t give him a chance and judge them for what they think you are.

It’s a crazy world we live in. Some people will always try to bring you down. Not give you a chance. Judge you for what they think you are and not for what you could become. It’s amazing how hard you try to make things right and make other people understand and yet they don’t. People say keep your head up, I say keep it down and work hard to make yourself better every single day.

Image Source: Xian Lim (@xianlimm) | Instagram

His Twitter Post.

In the Twitter post, Xian shared how many people in the industry do not like him; others had also already shut him out and didn’t give him a chance.

“A bunch of people in the industry may not like me, a couple may shut me out completely and not give me a chance, some love to judge and make up lies. I say it’s fine. When all things have been said and done, be sure to do what it is that makes you happy.”

Image Source: Xian Lim (@XianLimm) | Twitter

Netizens’ Support.

Lim received support from Netizens.

“Just continue to pursue your passion and let your accomplishments quietly speak for you. It is futile to set yourself on fire just to keep other people warm so do not bother. Trust God’s plans. He will grant all the desires of your heart in His perfect time. 👌🏼

Image Source: Xian Lim (@XianLimm) | Twitter

“So long as you’re happy living your life with your values and principles intact, that is all the matters in the end. You’ve always taken the high road @XianLimm. Maybe some are just envious that u have d strength of character to be able to do it. Always here to support u Xian”

Image Source: Xian Lim (@XianLimm) | Twitter

“People throw u stones coz they see a lot of harvests in u, Xian/@XianLimm !Don’t let them affect u in any way!Just continue doing things at your best that makes u happy!!! You’re a TOTAL PACKAGE&it’s hard to put a good man down! HAVE FAITH&BELIEVE!WE GOT UR BACK!!!KEEP SHINING!!!”

Image Source: Xian Lim (@XianLimm) | Twitter

“At the end of the day the only thing that matters are the people important to you and those who trust and believes in u besides your family is just an add on bonus. You’re such a great person with good intentions it would not be hard to have bunch of people to support u all d way”

Image Source: Xian Lim (@XianLimm) | Twitter

“We’re here for [email protected], some people are rude disrespectful inhuman, and envy, let them be, as long as you are true, honest and have faith in God and your family and real friends besides you bad rude negative people don’t matter just be humble karma is just around the corner.”

Image Source: Xian Lim (@XianLimm) | Twitter


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