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Edward Barber explains why he thinks Maymay Entrata is “not normal”

  • Edward Barber describes who Maymay Entrata is in his life.
  • He said that Maymay is “not normal.”
  • He also described Maymay as the most amazing girl he knew.

Edward Barber has an upcoming movie this October titled “First Love” with Aga Muhlach and Bea Alonzo.

During the press conference of the said movie, Edward was asked how he would describe his relationship with Maymay.

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The young actor explained, “My relationship with Maymay, anyway, is something I cannot really compare to any other pair I’ve ever seen before.

“I can’t compare it to my parents, I can’t compare it to my friends and their loved ones.

“Because Maymay is not really a normal person, and that’s not a bad thing.

“That’s why she’s most amazing than most girls I know.”

Turns out, Edward dislikes normal and that’s why he’s attracted to Maymay. He also doesn’t consider himself normal. Strange? Here’s why:

“Being normal is the worst part of life. No one normal ever achieved something amazing.”

Edward added that he and Maymay are soulmates and sees the onscreen partner as “one of the people I love the most.”

“First Love” will play in cinemas starting October 17.


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