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“He hurt me…” Janella Salvador confirms physical abuse accusations against Elmo Magalona

  • Janella Salvador accused Elmo Magalona of physical abuse.
  • She stated that she gave him a chance to own up with what he did but he still remained silent.
  • Elmo and his camp have yet to speak up about the said matter.

Janella Salvador finally breaks her silence and confirmed the physical violence accusations against Elmo Magalona. Although she noted that she didn’t want anyone to hate Elmo, she wanted to clarify the false assumptions against her and her mother, Jenine Desiderio.

Janella confirms.

The young actress had an exclusive interview with Philippine Star entertainment columnist Ricky Lo. Janella revealed that the first time Elmo mistreated her was when he had a drink. After Elmo apologized and claimed he didn’t remember ever hurting her, Janella forgave him and gave him a chance.

“The first time happened months earlier. He claimed that he didn’t remember what he did, maybe because he had a drink, and he asked for forgiveness and I gave him a chance. I told him, ‘Next time, don’t bring yourself to the point that you will hurt someone.’ He promised naman that he wouldn’t do it again.”

The second incident was when Janella and Elmo were in a party hosted by one of her friends. She and a drunk Elmo had an argument where he mistreated her again. She felt disrespected and fought back by slapping him. Janella admitted that she started seeing a psychiatrist and Elmo had done the same. The issue and rumors started when Julia Barretto posted a photo of Janella with visible bruises by her right elbow.

Janella speaks up.

The reason behind Janella’s confirmation was not to put hate or shame on Elmo. She wanted to correct the lies being told against her and especially her mom who had done everything she can for Janella’s own good. Janella noted that she gave Elmo a chance to own up with what he did but he still remained silent.

“I just want to correct the lies being spread against me and my mom, and to let the truth out. I thought long and hard before I decided to speak out. I gave (Elmo) the chance to speak up and own up to what he did but it seems that somebody is stopping him from doing it.”

Janella no longer wears the friendship bracelet that Elmo gave her. She is done focusing on her and Elmo and wants to give more attention to herself. She is also currently fixing her relationship with her mother.

“For two years, I focused on Elmo and myself. This time, I am giving more attention to myself. He hurt me and I cannot, can never tolerate that.”

When asked whether or not Janella still loves Elmo, she stated that it doesn’t just go away that quickly.

“I did say na love ko siya. Hindi naman ganoon kabilis mawawala ‘yon.”

Elmo Magalona has yet to speak up about the said matter.

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