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Suspended! Marlou Arizala’s management takes back Xander Ford’s name

Xander Ford’s fall from grace

Marlou Arizala, also known as Xander Ford, saw his career plummeting and decided to revive it by asking the necessary help from Star Image. Initially, the management saw the possible opportunities that could come with working with the Social Media personality and gave him a contract. Owners of Star Image created Xander Ford with the intentions of portraying somebody as a down to earth, polite, well behaved social media artist as well as to inspire the younger audience.

With all that being said, a great amount of social media users do not like Xander but nevertheless Star Image decided to go forward with reviving his almost deceased career.

With the help of ABS-CBN, ‘Rated K,’ and many others, Star Image Artist Management handled and delivered the controversial creation and transition of their Xander Ford.

Fame followed immediately but in no time, got to the social media artist’s head. Xander has been said to have shown ill-mannered actions towards his co-workers and according to some, even said that he never wanted the fame, but only really cared about his physical appearance.

Accusations and controversies regarding Xander Ford

At one instance, Xander Ford yelled at several ABS-CBN marshalls by pulling the “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” card. The management had to take the right measures and had to calm the social media artist down.

‘Gandang Gabi, Vice!’ did not air their episode with Xander Ford because the artist showed unethical behavior towards the staff and was more arrogant than usual.

The artist has also been accused of using marijuana and alcohol, getting influenced by friends, and letting pressure get to him that lead him intentionally disappearing for a while, which created a variety of problems, including not showing up in scheduled events. Star Image had to take the right measures to deal with the damage done since a lot were affected and disappointed.

Even before the transformation, Marlou had already threw shade at Kathryn Bernardo and even admitted to commenting derogatorily towards other ABS-CBN artists. Initially, he denied the rumors but were confirmed later on to be the truth.

Actions executed by Star Image

Xander Ford violated the Memorandum of Agreement of Confidentiality and Non-disclosure, Exclusivity, and Performance and Attitude in his contract with Star Image and on July 2018, was indefinitely suspended which means until this suspension is waved, he is not able to engage in any events without consent and approval.

Star Image said the following about the artist: “a hopeless case”, “can not follow simple directions”, “a stubborn, unprofessional individual.”

As of April 22, 2019, Star Image decided that they would give the name Xander Ford to somebody else that has the certain qualities that they are looking for, so they proceeded to take the well- known name back from the undeserving Marlou Arizala.

UPDATE as of April 25, 2019, Thursday, 7PM:After a closed door meeting of Star Image Owners and Marlou Arizala with the…

Posted by Star Image Artist Management on Monday, April 22, 2019

Marlou is still in contract with Star Image until the month of May in year 2022. Scheduled events will be rendered illegal without consent and approval by the management and can also lead to legal actions.

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