ABS-CBN still the top choice of viewers in April 2019

ABS-CBN is still winning in TV ratings in April 2019.

ABS-CBN won the hearts of viewers nationwide in April as it offered values-laden and relevant news stories, hitting an average audience share of 46%, or a 16-point wide lead against GMA Network’s 30%, according to data from Kantar Media.

Likewise, ABS-CBN won again in the primetime block (6PM-12 MN), where it garnered an average audience share of 48%, beating GMA Network’s 31% as most of its primetime shows dominated the most watched programs list.

The primetime block is the most important time of the day when most Filipinos watch TV and advertisers put a larger chunk of their investments in to reach more consumers effectively.

The network also still remained supreme in the morning block (6AM-12NN), where it got 35%, versus GMA Network’s 29% and in the noontime block (12NN-3PM) where the network recorded 47%, compared to GMA Network’s 29%.


ABS-CBN also continued to conquer viewership in Metro Manila and Mega Manila. The Kapamilya network recorded an average audience share of 44%, or 22 points higher than GMA Network’s 22% in Metro Manila, while in the Mega Manila area, the Kapamilya network earned 38%, compared to GMA Network’s 29%.

Moreover, ABS-CBN remained unbeatable in Total Luzon where it registered 41%, beating GMA’s 33%; in Total Visayas where it earned the widest lead with 55% or 32 points higher, versus GMA’s 23%; and in Total Mindanao where it clinched 54%, beating GMA’s 27%.

Global audience measurement provider Kantar Media uses a nationwide panel size of 2,610 urban and rural homes that represent 100% of the total Philippine TV viewing population.



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