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From maid to beauty queen: How a Bb. Pilipinas candidate is going after her dreams

  • Binibini Pilipinas Puerto Princesa Jessarie Dumaguing shared her past experiences
  • Jessaries started as a helper before becoming a Binibini Candidate

Every candidate in Binibining Pilipinas has their own story to tell and this one is from the representative of Puerto Prinsesa, Jessarie Dumaguing.

Jessarie shared her experience of being independent at a very young age.

“Maybe that’s how I started to be independent, working from age 11.”

Jessarie’s parents separated when she was very young so she had to live with her aunt. At the age of 11, our Binibini worked as a domestic helper to sustain herself.

“I’m actually very grateful because at that very young age, it made me think like that, to help my aunt. We always struggled financially.”

After finishing her studies with a degree in Tourism Management, she left her hometown a year ago, which to her was “the most difficult thing I’ve done, I miss my hometown every day.”

But homesick as she is, she had to leave to pursue a dream.

“The one thing I want to achieve is to have a crown.

“To [win] the crown in Binibining Pilipinas, to be able to represent the Philippines on the international stage.”

Her determination to win a crown is not just for her self but for the people who believe in her.

“It’s tiring but it’s worth it,” she says. “To win is very important—it’s not just for myself but for the people who believe in me.”

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