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‘The Better Woman’ pulling down GMA Telebabad

  • The Better Woman continues to trail behind The General’s Daughter
  • FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano remained primetime leader beating Sahaya
  • Are You Human was the sole clear winner for GMA on primetime beating PBB Otso

After its premiere a few weeks back, GMA Network sexy drama The Better Woman has yet to pick up in the ratings game.

The Derek Ramsay-Andrea Torres teledrama continues to lag behind its competition, pulling GMA Telebabad’s ratings competitiveness.

From July 8 to July 12, The Better Woman continued to lose against rival The General’s Daughter with a significant margin.

On July 8, The General’s Daughter was able to beat The Better Woman with 2.9% gap at 11.8% vs 8.9%. Tuesday was just the same, but this time with a wider gap, 3.9% at 12.9% to 9.0%.

Wednesday marked another win for the Angel Locsin teleserye beating The Better Woman by 3.4% at 9.0% vs 12.4%.

On Thursday, July 11, The General’s Daughter continued to pull away leaving behind The Better Wife with a margin again of 3.9% at 13.0% to 9.1%.

Friday, July 12 meanwhile was The Better Woman’s biggest defeat as it trailed The General’s Daughter 4.5% at 11.7% vs 7.2%

With its poor performance in the ratings , there are speculations that The Better Woman will be ending soon especially since the flow of the story is faster than the usual. For the July 8 to 12 episodes it was highlighted by the revelations about Elaine’s past and her traumatic experiences.

Meanwhile, other primetime programs of ABS-CBN continues to perform well beating their Kapuso rivals.

FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano remains the undisputed primetime leader beating with significant margins Sahaya.

Sino Ang May Sala? also is doing well although its competitor Love You Two managed to snatch few wins.

Koreanovela Are You Human is saving the day for GMA.

Are You Human consistently beats Pinoy Big Brother Otso for that week, 5.0% vs 4.95 on Monday, 6.05 vs 4.8% on Tuesday, 6.1% vs 5.4% on Wednesday, and 6.8% vs 5.0% on its finale episode on Thursday.

Here’s the complete comparative NUTAM ratings for the week of July 8-12, 2019.

Monday (July 8)
Sahaya: 11.0% vs. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano: 15.6%
The Better Woman: 8.9% vs. The General’s Daughter: 11.8%
Love You Two: 7.0% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 7.4%
Are You Human?: 5.0% vs PBB: 4.9%

Tuesday (July 9)
Sahaya: 11.2% vs. FPJ’s  Ang Probinsyano: 16.1%
The Better Woman: 9.0% vs. The General’s Daughter: 12.9%
Love You Two: 7.8% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 7.5%
Are You Human?: 6.0% vs PBB: 4.8%

Wednesday (July 10)
Sahaya: 11.0% vs. FPJ’s  Ang Probinsyano: 15.8%
The Better Woman: 9.0% vs.The General’s Daughter: 12.4%
Love You Two: 7.3% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 7.3%
Are You Human?: 6.1% vs PBB: 5.4%

Thursday (July 11)
Sahaya: 11.5% vs. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano: 16.2%
The Better Woman: 9.1% vs. The General’s Daughter: 13.0%
Love You Two: 7.5% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 7.4%
Are You Human? Finale: 6.8% vs PBB: 5.0%

Friday (July 12)
Sahaya: 10.7% vs. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano: 14.8%
The Better Woman: 7.2% vs. The General’s Daughter: 11.7%
Love You Two: 6.1% vs. Sino Ang May Sala?: 6.4%


Written by Ron Mia

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