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Paolo Valenciano asks Morissette Amon’s father to not release his frustrations on social media

  • Morissette Amon’s dad ranted online about his daughter allegedly living in with her boyfriend
  • The rants earned several comments from netizens and Morissette’s relatives and supporters
  • Paolo Valenciano aired his request to Amay Amon, “It really isn’t the best idea to air it out on social media”

Asia’s Phoenix Morissette Amon has become the subject of speculations after her father, Amay Amon, ranted online about her since February of this year.

He ranted that the singer left her family to supposedly live in with her boyfriend Dave Lamar.

Amay’s rant earned varied reactions from netizens and Morissette’s supporters.

On August 16, Paolo Valenciano, son of  ‘Mr. Pure Energy,’ Gary Valenciano, responded to one of the Amay’s posts and aired his request.

Paolo commented, “Hi Tito. Really hoping for the best for the family. But May I suggest not posting about it on social media .. explain ko Lang , Tito —

“My brother, my sister, and I have done crazy things that broke our parents’ hearts. Some may be more intense than this .. but we keep it private. And in the end, relationships were restored —

“It really isn’t the best idea to air it out on SC. I get tempted also sometimes but it will not help in the restoration process. from an outsiders point of view, it almost looks like bashing/bullying. Which I know isn’t your intention—

“yun Lang , Tito. I am praying and hoping for the best. God bless, Tito !”

Paolo may have had good intentions, but some netizens responded unfavorably since they think he should have sent his advice privately as well.

Amidst controversy, Morissette’s career is continously soaring high as the newest Brand ambassador of Ambroxol HCI. She is also part of the Mabuhay Philippines Festival Grand Celebration of the Country’s Heritage and Culture in Toronto, Canada from August 24 to 25.


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