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Angel Locsin’s ‘The General’s Daughter’ soars high in its finale week

NUTAM only gets their data from selected urban areas in the Philippines.

The Angel Locsin starrer ‘The General’s Daughter‘ drew a massive viewership on its finale week (September 30 to October 4).

‘The General’s Daughter’ started with 15.5% while its Kapuso rival The Gift only scored 9.6%. A day before its finale, ‘The General’s Daughter’ soared to 17.2, leaving Alden Richards series with only 10.8%.

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The finale episode of ‘The General’s Daughter’ hit 18.7% while its rival on GMA Network only got 11.1%.

In the finale week of ‘The General’s Daughter,’ Tiago’s (Tirso Cruz III) unexpected reunion with Rhian (Angel Locsin) casts uncertainty onto his mind. Rhian continues to fake amnesia in order to find out Tiago’s plans. Tiago suffers a double blow upon discovering that Rhian and a very unlikely person betrayed him.

Rhian, Marcial (Albert Martinez), and Franco (Paulo Avelino) cooperate with the military to thwart Tiago’s plan to blow up the venue of the Peace and Development Summit. The long war between Rhian and Tiago finally reaches its resolution.

Here are the NUTAM People Ratings from September 30 to October 4:

Monday (September 30) The Gift 9.6% vs. The General’s Daughter 15%
Tuesday (October 1) The Gift 10.1% vs. The General’s Daughter 15.5%
Wednesday (October 2) The Gift 10.6% vs. The General’s Daughter 15.7%
Thursday (October 3) The Gift 10.8% vs. The General’s Daughter 17.2%
Friday (October 4) The Gift 11.1% vs. The General’s Daughter Finale 18.7%


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