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“May lahing katipunera!” Sharon Cuneta understands her daughter Frankie’s shade to Pres. Rodrigo Duterte

Frankie Pangilinan blasts President Duterte in a series of tweets

“Pinapaalis na nga ng asawa niya sa bahay niya, ayaw kay wala ibang matirahan. Totoo, tanungin mo. At kung sabihin mo nagsisinungaling ako, I will resign. Ang sinasabi ko totoo ‘yan.” – President Rodrigo Duterte.

Frankie Pangilinan got irked when President Rodrigo Duterte claimed during his speech on Bonifacio Day, that Sharon Cuneta wanted husband Kiko Pangilinan to stay out of their home.

Here’s Frankie reacted to Duterte’s claim her mom wanted her dad out of their home:

Due to his claim, Frankie analyzed that Duterte is more concerned about “ruining” a perfect and happy family instead of focusing on how to be a good leader of the country.

Duterte claimed if he was lying about the issue between Sharon and Kiko, he would resign, as he confidently said he’s telling nothing but the truth. Wherein, Frankie already anticipated Duterte’s resignation and said “You’re welcome.”

As her last tweet against Duterte, Frankie uploaded a photo of her parents happily hugging each other.

Meanwhile, Sharon explained that Frankie is just doing her job as a daughter by protecting their family. As a mother, she made sure to talk to Frankie about her tweets.

Sharon stated, “She’s very protective of the family, but she’s a very good girl. I talk to them. They’re very smart, my children. So when I say, ‘The president is a friend of mine. It’s hard because we love daddy so much. But he probably said it out of anger or he had an outburst. You have to understand, plus dad is in the opposition. After that, Frankie naman stopped. Parang, ‘Okay, as long as I know we’re okay.’”

Furthermore, Sharon assured fans and other concerned friends that if they do decide to part ways, she’ll be the one to inform everyone.

Sharon said, “If my husband and I separate, you’ll hear it from me! I don’t think anyone expects an announcement of this sort from the President of their country! Tatay likes to joke sometimes, as you all know, because Kiko’s in the Opposition. He has joked a few times against Kiko and about me in the past!”


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