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Sharon Cuneta explains her sentiments over daughter KC Concepcion

The singer-actress explained that she was “forced” to write the long message on social media though she is aware that it might not be the right choice.

  • Sharon Cuneta explained why she aired her sentiments on Instagram for her daughter KC Concepcion
  • The actress recently shared a series of posts on Instagram asking KC to return home
  • She was also asked about the rumored romance between KC and

Megastar Sharon Cuneta explained why she posted her sentiments about her daughter KC Concepcion on Instagram last week.

In reply to KC’s birthday message to her, the actress wrote a series of lengthy posts last week asking her daughter to return home. Sharon said in her statement that KC “distanced” herself from them mentioning that she was not with them during Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and her 54th birthday on ASAP on January 5.

The singer-actress explained that she was “forced” to write the long message on social media though she is aware that it might not be the right choice.

“Social media is not the right platform to express your personal feelings when you’re a public figure but I was forced to because the greeting that my daughter made parang explanations of her absence on my birthday on ASAP was posted on social media,” Sharon said.

The actress said that she was just worried about KC as her mother.

“It’s not like her. So parang nag-aalala ako, nanay ako. So I think it’s normal lang sa mag-ina na meron mga panahon na ganyan. I’m worried lang because I don’t know what she’s going through.

“But I missed her because for the first time, ang una late siya nung Christmas eve, tapos talagang wala siya nung New Year’s Eve at New Year’s day at pinakamasakit wala akong idea saan siya nung birthday ko.”

Sharon added, “It all boils down to a mother missing her daughter. That’s all.”

Sharon also said she has now learned how to deal with the bashers online suggesting that they should just “pray” about the situation.

“But pero talagang yung mga bashers hindi naman maiiwasan yan. That’s part of the whole package. But I have learned to manage my emotions well when it comes to them actually.”

In another interview with the press, Sharon was faced with questions about the rumored relationship of KC and Filipino-American Black Eyed Peas rapper singer is allegedly the reason why KC was not with her family during the holidays and Sharon’s birthday celebration.

“But I have a lot of respect for See? I don’t know what’s happening to my daughter, in her life. That’s a surprise to me, so I don’t know what to say,” she disclosed in a press conference following her contract renewal with ABS-CBN on Thursday.

“But I have a lot of respect for apl. He’s a good person. I just wished I heard it from her, if it’s true.”

A article claimed KC and apl were seen cuddling in a restaurant in Rockwell, Makati after Christmas. The two have yet to release statements about the issue.


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