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Enchong Dee ready to lose popularity over beliefs, defends ABS-CBN

“I am angry. I am sad. I am bothered.”

Enchong Dee showed strong support for ABS-CBN in the face of government officials hindering its franchise renewal which may lead to a shutdown.

As one of the long-time contract artists of ABS-CBN, Enchong lamented there are fellow artists who are hesitant to express their support or even voice out what they really feel for fear of hurting their reputation.

Worse still, some artists, who bravely stand for what they believe in, get reprimanded and bashed by netizens when it corresponds to politics.

“I always tell people that ‘Artists should be the first line of defense of our democracy’, people tend to agree, but mostly do nothing about it or get reprimanded for saying something political. Very few listen and even fewer are brave enough to stand their ground because of their ‘reputation’. Now that ABS-CBN (my home for almost 15 years) is being wrongly accused of so many things. I am angry. I am sad. I am bothered.”

Enchong firmly believes that ABS-CBN’s fight to obtain its franchise renewal is not only for the thousands of employees’ lives but, to fight for the democracy as well as the constitution of the Philippines.

“But again, this is not the first time that we will pass through a dark tunnel. I know that we will rise together stronger than ever before kasama ng libo libong empleyado ng ABS-CBN. I am a Filipino first and my job comes second, let’s be vigilant not only because jobs are in peril, but mainly because we are Filipinos fighting for the democracy and constitution of our country.”

At the end of his post, Enchong anticipated that there would be paid trolls and bashers who will criticize him but if fighting for what he believes in will lead him to lose popularity, he’s more than willing to do it and he’s not afraid to take the risk.

He continued: “I know after this post, paid trolls would attack me but I stand firm with my beliefs and I am not afraid to lose my little popularity.”


Through his straightforward statement, Enchong received praise from netizens for showing bravery in supporting his home network and in pushing for democracy.

At the moment, Enchong Dee is still waiting for the “right” TV series project for him, but he was last seen in The Blood Sisters with Erich Gonzales in 2018. The Sun Life wellness ambassador also hopes to continue helping indigent people through his “Handog Palangoy” advocate which aims to teach basic swimming and water safety skills.

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