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Single, Taken, or Complicated – this app got you this Valentine’s Day!

Everyone deserves to feel kilig this season of love

No matter your relationship status, the most romantic time of the year should be cheery and fun. This is why Viber, one of the leading messaging apps in the world, is launching Viber Cupid, a chatbot that’s meant to make anyone feel kilig and get into the mood for love.

Viber Cupid starts by asking you a simple (or is it complicated?) question: What’s your relationship status? Single, Taken, or Taken…for granted? Your chosen answer then unlocks a ton of fun app activities.

If you’re Single, you are taken to a short love quiz to see your perfect Filipino celebrity match. The quiz includes describing your dream lover in an emoji and selecting a pick-up line! It’s quick and fun and bound to give you laughs.

If you’re Taken, Viber is going to let you create and send a customized Valentine’s Day card. But that’s not all, sending a card gives you a chance to win an iflixVIP subscription!

Finally, if you believe you’re Taken… for granted, you’re going to receive a love card to hopefully make you feel less neglected and more loved.

Apart from Viber Cupid, Viber also has new features so you can make your messages sweeter every single time. Now, the app has heart-shaped instant video messaging and floating hearts that appear whenever you express your love via chat.

Whether you’re single or taken or somewhere in between, Viber with its exciting features create chat experiences that are always secure and a bit more exciting each day.


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