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Is Alden Richards part of Julie Anne San Jose’s collab album?

Julie Anne San Jose is currently working on her latest album

  • One of the collab artists is Rico Blanco
  • Julie is open to collaborating with Kapuso actor Alden Richards

Despite being busy with her TV projects, Asia’s Pop Diva Julie Anne San Jose is very hands-on with the production of her soon-to-be-released collaboration album.

According to the actress-singer, she and her producers are seeing to it that her next album will be a record hit.

However, aside from the fact it is set to release this year, she cannot give more details about it since they are still working on it.

“Actually nasa process palang po kame ng agreement ganyan. Tapos papiliin mga kanta, tapos yung mga iba na sinusulat na songs din, yun talagang kailangan… Ano po eh, gusto ko po talagang siyang plakado,” she said.

Since this is a collaboration album, is there a possibility that she will do a collab with Asia’s Multimedia Star Alden Richards?

The 25-year old singer answered, “Parang hindi po.”

“Pero ano naman kasi. Nagkakatrabaho naman kame sa All Out Sunday.”

Julie Anne and Alden are the hosts of the Sunday variety show of GMA Network, All Out Sunday that premiered on January 5, 2020.

However, the talented singer welcomes the idea of guesting in Alden’s concert, if time permits.

“Okay naman din po, I mean, why not if ever.”

Nonetheless, she said she and the versatile actor are in good terms.

But why were the two Kapuso talents not on speaking terms for a long time?

Back in 2013, rumors surfaced that the young actor courted the multi-awarded singer. This is because of their undeniable closeness that their fans couldn’t help but assume that something was going on between them. However, Alden denied the rumors and even unfollowed Julie Anne on social media due to personal reasons. The two were reported to be not on speaking terms after being linked to one another.

However, in 2015, the two set aside their personal issues when they worked together on different projects.

Before AlDub, there was DenLie, the portmanteau of Julie Anne and Alden’s names. The DenLie loveteam were first paired together in 2013 in a Tunay na Pag-ibig episode of the now-defunct romance-drama anthology, Maynila. This became their first acting project together. Apart from this, the two also worked together on various variety shows like Sunday All-Star and Sunday PinaSaya.

When asked if she’s open to working with the Kapuso actor, the 25-year old singer answered:” I’m open naman po, [i’m open] to working with anyone.”

Julie Anne has dropped her latest song in collaboration with Rico Blanco, which is actually part of her collab album. “Isang gabi” is their first collab song which tackles infidelity.


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