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Marvin Agustin condemns alleged catfisher Sam Morales: “Virus ang tawag dyan”

Marvin thanked Tzan for sharing his story that has made the people realize how painful life can be but still, someone like him chose to be kind.

The alarming scheme of catfisher Sam Morales targeting homosexuals as her way of revenge for when she was bullied at a young age has led Marvin Agustin to console the recent victim Jzan Vern Tero.

Marvin advised Jzan to never stop being a good person just because someone chose to hurt him. He also advised against getting revenge as it will make him no different than Sam.

Marvin told Jzan: “Kahit ano pa ang pinagdaanan mo sa buhay, at kahit makipag contest pa tayo ng pinaka-masakit na nangyari sayo, wag piliing maging masama. Hindi magiging dahilan o solusyon ang manakit dahil nasaktan ka. VIRUS ANG TAWAG DYAN. Wag ka manghawa. SEEK HELP.”

In the same post on Instagram, Marvin thanked Jzan for sharing her story that has made the people realize how painful life can be but still, someone like him chose to be kind.

He continued: “Salamat Jzan for sharing your story and also to others who made us realize how painful life can be but still choose to be kind. You’ve empowered a lot of people.”

Jzan, Bill, and Sam Story

Jzan from Cebu met a man identified as Bill Iver Reyes from Manila through a dating app and their relationship went on for eight months. Tzan ended up meeting her friends in Manila because ‘Bill’ left her out of the blue, and eventually learned from her friend that the guy she was dating was actually named Bilko Argana and not Bill Iver Reyes.

Upon Jzan’s discovery, Bilko apologized for lying and the former decided to continue their long-distance relationship. After a few months, Jzan went to Manila to meet his friends again and asked Bilko if they could meet.

When Jzan and Bilko met in Manila, Tzan was just asking for a kiss from Bilko but the latter had sex with him instead. Bilko eventually confessed that Sam, the girl who introduced herself as his cousin, was actually the one texting Jzan for months and that he was just forced to play along.


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