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COMELEC Commissioner reacts to Rep. Rodante Marcoleta’s allegations about ABS-CBN

Guanzon went on saying she doesn’t remember any complaint filed against ABS CBN on the alleged Omnibus Election Code Violations. 

COMELEC Commissioner Rowena Guanzon reacted to SAGIP Representative Rodante Marcoleta’s allegations about ABS-CBN, one of them alleging that the media giant favored certain candidates during the election period and violated the Omnibus Election Code.

Guanzon said she doesn’t remember any complaint filed against ABS-CBN on the alleged Omnibus Election Code Violations.

‘SAGIP’ or the (Social Amelioration and Genuine Intervention on Poverty) Rep. Rodante Marcoleta accused ABS-CBN as being “pro-Noynoy Aquino” during the 2010 presidential elections while it was “pro-Grace Poe and pro-Leni Robredo” during the 2016 presidential elections.

One netizen urged people to stop believing Marcoleta and his lies. One user named @dalisaycardio asked Guanzon how a party list like SAGIP which was spreading false information could have passed the COMELEC’s standards.

COMELEC Guanzon replied that the law doesn’t require you to pass any IQ tests to qualify for a party list position.

“Wala namang IQ test or ala UPCAT requirements for nominees of party list,” Guanzon said.

An independent voice in the COMELEC, Commissioner Rowena Guanzon is a fierce advocate of women’s rights and rarely shies from speaking out – even against President Rodrigo Duterte.

Meanwhile. Marcoleta stressed that ABS-CBN did not air the then Presidential aspirant Duterte’s political campaign advertisements despite receiving payments for such.

“ABS-CBN has been biased and partisan in favor of particular candidates and against certain candidates during the 2010 and 2016 presidential candidates, contrary to the terms of its franchise and in violation of the Omnibus Election Code,” the lawmaker said during a House hearing.

“Hindi naman lingid sa kaalaman ng marami, kung hindi man lahat,  kung paano naging pro-Noynoy Aquino ang ABS-CBN nung 2010 at pro-Grace Poe at pro-Leni Robredo naman nung 2016,” Marcoleta added.

Marcoleta represents 1-SAGIP and is a member of PDP-Laban. He was elected SAGIP representative in 2016. SAGIP, according to its website, envisions a pro-poor Philippines.

In the halls of Congress, Marcoleta’s party list championed the plight of the poorest Filipinos. SAGIP also aims to pursue legislation to uplift the lives of indigents and marginalized, foster socio-economic development for inclusive growth, to help bring about quality education and a universal health care system, and to harmoniously work with agencies in the delivery of social protection program.

Marcoleta is also known for using Kim Chiu’s controversial statement to deliver his point, a move many viewed as insensitive and distasteful. During the House hearing, Marcoleta played Kim’s viral “Bawal Lumabas” video at the start of his opening statement opposing the bill to renew ABS-CBN’s franchise. Chiu is an ABS-CBN talent.

Marcoleta also pointed out that ABS-CBN violated the constitution’s mandate of a 50-year period franchise operation. As he stated, “[The] ABS-CBN has been using the airwaves for more than 50 years, 53 years today to be exact. Our Constitution says that Congress can grant a franchise of up to 50 years only.”

But many see this as an inconsistent argument for many other TV networks already exceeded the 50 year period, yet their franchise was renewed.

Marcoleta’s insistence on taking up issues that have already been settled has been seen as a deliberate delaying tactic to slow down the ABS-CBN franchise hearing.

Previously, ABS-CBN has apologized to Duterte for airing a political advertisement of the opposition in 2016 which offended Duterte.

“We are sorry if we offended the President. That was not the intention of the network. We felt that we were just abiding by regulations that surround the airing of political ads,” said ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak during the Senate inquiry on the network’s franchise renewal.

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo welcomed the apology, saying that the President will “consider” Katigbak’s statement.

“It’s personal to him,” Panelo said. “I’m glad finally ABS-CBN admitted its shortcomings to the President. Dapat noon pa nila ginawa.”


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